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Top Five – Hulk Hogan Wins His Lawsuit Against Gawker

Hulk Hogan wins

Hulk Hogan wins

What were the top stories last week?

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Let’s get to the stories that didn’t quite make the top five.

Pro Wrestling

– The most interesting thing on Raw was Chris Jericho calling an audible during his match with Adrian Neville after Neville broke his ankle. Neville is now out of WrestleMania.

– WWE will announce that Stan Hansen is in their Hall Of Fame tonight on Raw.


– Mark Hunt dropped Frank Mir in the first round at UFC Fight Night in Brisbane.

– Anderson Silva and Uriah Hall may be on track for a match at UFC 198.

– RIZIN FF announces that Kazuyuki Fujita is fighting again.


– Bill Simmons had Jim Lampley on his podcast to talk boxing.

– Terence Crawford’s next fight will air on PPV.

– Ortiz vs Berto 2 is going to be broadcast on Fox.

And now, the top five…

5. TMZ reports that Sting’s wrestling career is over.

Many wrestling fans who followed closely knew this to be the case. With spinal stenosis, Sting’s career is most likely over.

However, word came out the other day that he didn’t think he was retired. But that may have simply been so that he could announce his retirement on his own terms.

Originally, it was thought that he’d announce his retirement at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, in which he is the main eventer.

4. Eric Young and Bobby Roode leave TNA.

So where do they go? It would be a bit oblivious by WWE to not look into Roode, who could immediately step right in on the WWE roster and fit in.

As for Young? He doesn’t seem like WWE’s type, but he has charisma. He’d probably do decently well on the indy scene even if WWE doesn’t come calling.

3. UR Fight debuts.

The UR Fight show was just about everything you expected it to be. It was terrible (Shannon Ritch vs Mavrick Harvey), boring (Michael Bisping vs Chael Sonnen), fun (Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle), and sad (Roy Jones Jr. beating up Vyron Phillips who had no chance).

The most fun part of the show was Rampage Jackson’s chemistry with Jim Ross on commentary. Rampage was unfiltered and Ross just went with it with quick wit. If Ross is going to do events like this, might as well make sure Rampage is with him.

2. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are rumored to rematch at UFC 200 at welterweight.

To me, this means two things:

1. The UFC wants to hot shot the rematch because they believe it’s their highest ticket seller and best possible main event for the PPV audience.

2. They think Conor can beat Nate at that weight.

Because otherwise, I’m not sure why you’d sacrifice your main drawing card at a weight in which Nate looked like clearly the stronger fighter. That’s not to say that McGregor can’t win. In fact, I still may favor him in the rematch.

But Diaz has proven at 170 that he’s a handful for the smaller McGregor.

1. Hulk Hogan wins his lawsuit against Gawker.

The Hulkster hulked up once more and slayed the big, stinky, nasty giant. But this time, he did it in the courtroom. The jury awarded him $115 million in damages, reportedly $30 million more than Gawker is even worth.

How much will Hogan actually receive? That’s still to be determined as Gawker will more than likely appeal.

The best thing this case did for him was make some forget about his grotesque racist remarks that were unearthed. Though, I haven’t forgotten. And I grew up one of the biggest Hulkamania fans ever.

See you next week.

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