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Throwback Thursday Video – Shayna Baszler Vs Colleen Schneider

Shayna Baszler vs Colleen Schneider

Shayna Baszler vs Colleen Schneider

Our latest Throwback Thursday video features Shayna Baszler vs Colleen Schneider.

This Sunday, Shayna Baszler vs Colleen Schneider III takes place in Gilroy, CA at Premier XII.

Shayna and Colleen have matched up twice before; once in an octagon and once on the mat. While I’m sure they’ve had many unsanctioned battles, being that they are training partners, these are the documented two.

During The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, Colleen and Shayna faced each other in an elimination bout to get into the TUF house. Colleen fought off an armbar attempt late, but Shayna did get it with just over 30 seconds left and the submission win.

They faced off again in a “catch” wrestling match where as Josh Barnett described, all submissions were legal, as were pinfalls. Colleen gained revenge by outlasting Shayna in the long match and beating her with the same move she was beaten with before; armbar.

Who will be the victor on Sunday night? And will the finish be an armbar?

If you’re in California, make the trip out to Gilroy to watch their third battle on Sunday. If you’re unable to, we’ll have live play by play of the entire show on this website.

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