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Video – Daniel Bryan Retirement Ceremony

Daniel Bryan retirement ceremony

Daniel Bryan Career Celebration… by subhashkashyap

If you missed it, watch the entire Daniel Bryan retirement ceremony from Raw last night.

I don’t know what it says about wrestling when the best moments these days often happen because of someone leaving, someone retiring, or something that is simply outside of creative control. When WWE tries writing the type of emotional television Daniel Bryan created Monday on Raw, it usually falls flat or tone deaf. There have definitely been great moments, but not as great as this.

Daniel Bryan announced his retirement on Twitter early Monday. All throughout Raw, they showed some of Bryan’s greatest moments, leading into the main event segment of the show, which was a long interview segment in which Bryan announced why he retired.

All throughout his interview, Bryan came back to one specific point. It was gratitude. He talked about concussions and how he thought his brain was fine, but learned it might not be. But he was thankful for being able to live out his dream for so many years. He mentioned his father passing away after one of the biggest moments of his career and he was thankful that the fans treated him so well in front of his father. He thanked the wrestling business for introducing him to his wife.

And he got a Yes chant going one last time. Well, I have a feeling it’s not the last time we’ll see it. Overall, it was one of the best segments on WWE TV that you’ll ever see.

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