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House Show Report – WWE San Jose 2/6/16

WWE San Jose

WWE San Jose

WWE came to the Bay Area the night before the Super Bowl. Here’s our WWE San Jose report.

I don’t go to every WWE house show in San Jose, but I’ve been to many of them. Saturday night’s show was entertaining at times, but just so so at others. However, there was a Brock Lesnar appearance as well as AJ Styles’ house show debut, which made things better.

I tweeted out all of the results as they happened live on our @fightgamemedia Twitter account. But I’ll give a bit more color before I list all the tweets in case you want to see all the results.

Even with Brock Lesnar, the show did feel a little light in star power. Obviously, John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton were injured. Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt were on the other tour. So that left Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, the New Day, Lesnar, Styles, Rusev, Charlotte, and Becky with the San Jose crew.

It just shows how few people are over as true main eventers, especially when the champion doesn’t do house shows.

The Good

– AJ Styles’ entrance and match with the Miz

– Enzo, Big Cass, and Carmela being over with the house show crowd
– Brock Lesnar throwing around Rusev to the glee of fans
– Becky and Charlotte getting the fans into all the near falls
– Charlotte as a heel and Becky as a babyface
– New Day being insanely over
– Roman Reigns’ selling and Alberto Del Rio’s star presence

The Bad

– The Ascension being on this show
– Miscommunication between Enzo and Konnor
– Jack Swagger and Curtis Axel getting less than five minutes
– Sin Cara looked out of shape and Kalisto should’ve had a US title defense
– Poor Rusev’s back
– New Day being insanely over…seemingly as babyfaces

All in all, it was an okay show, but nothing like last year’s show which kicked off WrestleMania 31 sales. If you would like to see photos of the event, you can check them out on our Facebook Page.

Here are the results:

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