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UFC On Fox – Johnson Vs Bader Live Coverage

Johnson vs Bader live

Johnson vs Bader live

Check out our Johnson vs Bader live coverage.

I don’t imagine this will do terrifically well for Fox ratings-wise, but they have had some nice spots thanks to the NFL playoffs and their Spike TV show a couple weeks ago was a hot one.

Bryan Barberena Vs Sage Northcutt

Northcutt looks explosive. He jumped on Barbarena’s back, but wasn’t able to get him down. He landed three nice right hands that Barbarena just took. Barbarena had Northcutt down, but not for long. Northcutt is taking right hands after he throws them. He might be in for a fight here.

Sage missed a kick and ended up on the bottom. Barbarena decided to make the fight really rough on him. He was in Sage’s guard and landed a few punches here and there, but really just forced himself on him and Northcutt had to carry his weight. He was barely in half guard and put on an arm triangle on Northcutt. Northcutt looked to tap out of fear more than anything else. It was like a stage fright tap.

Winner: Bryan Barberena by way of 2nd round submission

Jimmie Rivera Vs Iuri Alcântara

Rivera is the aggressor and setting the tone. Alcântara looks a little stiff, standing tall. He doesn’t look comfortable at all. Rivera is the much shorter fighter and is coming in at nice angles. Rivera got an explosive takedown to end the round.

Alcântara is still not doing much, but he did land a stiff left that sent Rivera down. But like a little energizer bunny, Rivera keeps coming back. He got another takedown and probably won the second round as well.

Alcântara is still fairly calm even though he’s probably lost both rounds. He’s able to land his left kick, but isn’t following it up. Rivera landed a nice left hand after Alcântara tried to get inside. Rivera landed a nice straight left, but Alcântara couldn’t follow up. Rivera was up quickly. Alcântara might win this round.

Winner: Jimmie Rivera by way of unanimous decision

Ben Rothwell Vs Josh Barnett

Pretty boring first round. Rothwell has some blood on his nose, probably from a jab. Rothwell is throwing some quick combinations. Close round.

This is such a weird stand-up fight. Rothwell throws short punches and leans, telegraphing them. But they’re so quick and short that they actually work. Rothwell sunk in a guillotine, sat down on it, and Barnett tapped. That was nuts.

Winner: Ben Rothwell by way of 2nd round submission

Rothwell called it a go-go choke.

Bader grabbed onto Johnson’s arm, going to the ground with it. He couldn’t get the kimura and ended up in a really bad spot. He let his arm go and Rumble started to blast him from the mount. The fight is over.

Winner: Anthony Johnson by way of 1st round TKO

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