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UFC 195 Preview – Lawler Vs Condit

UFC 195 preview

Check out our UFC 195 preview.

Happy New Year everyone! The UFC doesn’t waste any time in 2016 with UFC 195 on January 2.

In addition to the FGB crew, included in our picks are John LaRocca, president of Premier Wrestling, the hardest working woman in MMA, Heidi Fang from Fox Sports, and our jiu-jitsu expert, Alex Goff.

(Congrats to Alan for leading our 2015 picks. Cactus Jim led in 2014. Duan says he’s coming for all of us in 2016.)

Here’s our UFC 195 preview:

Abel Trujillo Vs Tony Sims

Duan: Abel Trujillo
Alan: Abel Trujillo
John: Abel Trujillo
Heidi: Abel Trujillo
Alex: Abel Trujillo
GG: Tony Sims

Diego Brandao Vs Brian Ortega

Duan: Brian Ortega
Alan: Brian Ortega
John: Brian Ortega
Heidi: Diego Brandao
Alex: Diego Brandao
GG: Brian Ortega

Albert Tumenov Vs Lorenz Larkin

Duan: Albert Tumenov
Alan: Albert Tumenov
John: Albert Tumenov
Heidi: Lorenz Larkin
Alex: Albert Tumenov
GG: Albert Tumenov

Stipe Miocic Vs Andrei Arlovski

Alan: Andrei Arlovski
Duan: Stipe Miocic
John: Stipe Miocic
Heidi: Andrei Arlovski
Alex: Stipe Miocic
GG: Stipe Miocic

Robbie Lawler Vs Carlos Condit

Duan: Carlos Condit by unanimous decision
I have a feeling Condit is all wrong for Lawler. Robbie’s power won’t be the great equalizer in this fight the way it normally is because he will have his work cut out setting anything up. Condit’s movement makes him very difficult to catch clean or establish a rhythm against, and he does take a shot well when he needs to. I see him switching up the point of attack, staying out of the danger-zone and frustrating the soon to be former champion.

Alan: Robbie Lawler by unanimous decision
I agree with Duan that Condit would out-maneuver Lawler in a striking battle, however I when I look at Carlos’ record, the only losses I see in recent times are against two big strong guys who can out-muscle him. That’s his weakness and while Lawler loves a good striking battle as much as anyone, I can’t imagine that he and his team aren’t smart enough to realize that the most direct path to victory for them here is to make this a close quarters battle where Lawler can use his strength to grind out a win.

Heidi: Carlos Condit by decision
I believe that Carlos Condit is capable of mixing up his striking in ways that can frustrate Lawler. Additionally, he has a more versatile ground game than Lawler which could be a key in this matchup. Should Condit manage to get this one to the mat, he could find ways to swing the contest in his favor. Lawler is as resilient and as powerful as they come and will be difficult to finish.

Alex: Robbie Lawler by 3rd round TKO
I’m interested to see Robbie Lawler at the weigh-ins. Robbie Lawler has had quite the rise and fans may ask the question, is his rise due to items that may be banned by USADA. Robbie wouldn’t be the first champion to have such scrutiny as Rafael Dos Anjos had speculative eyes on him during his last fight. Rafael, even with the scrutiny, had an impressive showing. I don’t think Robbie will quickly dismantle Carlos but it would appear that his skill level is that above Carlos Condit’s. This will be a fun fight on a show that doesn’t look exciting.

GG: Robbie Lawler by 5th round TKO
After all the wars Lawler has been in of late, I thought it was the perfect time for someone to catch him and outlast him. Unfortunately, while Rory MacDonald was right there with him step for step, he couldn’t take it where Lawler was able to take it. I see a similar fight here. I think Condit will be game and even possibly ahead, but when Lawler knows he has to bring it late, he brings it.

John: Robbie Lawler

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