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The Fabulous Four Podcast – Hagler Vs Hearns

Hagler vs Hearns
Duan and GG host the sixth Fabulous Four podcast which focuses on Hagler vs Hearns.

If you missed any of the episodes, we have a page dedicated to the podcast.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler hadn’t lost in over nine years. Within that time frame, he went 25-0-1 and that draw was highly disputed. But, his previous three wins weren’t all that devastating according to prognosticators and many thought that he had lost a step.

Thomas Hearns had won eight fights in a row since his loss in 1981 to Sugar Ray Leonard, including easily knocking out Roberto Duran who had just given Hagler hell in Duran’s previous fight.

The stage was set. And then one of the greatest fights in history happened.

We give you the background leading up to the event as well as the event itself, and what would be on the table next.

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