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HBO Boxing – Kovalev Vs Pascal 2 Live Coverage

Check out our Kovalev vs Pascal 2 live coverage.

Some think the first fight was enough and there wasn’t a need for a rematch, but the first fight was entertaining. At this point, you’re not going to give many a chance against Sergei Kovalev and I don’t expect Jean Pascal to shock the world here, but at the very least, Pascal gave Kovalev more than most will in the division.

If the result and type of fight is any different this time, I think most will be surprised.

Kovalev vs Pascal 2


Kovalev put Pascal down midway in the round, but it was ruled a slip. It shouldn’t have. He jumped into Kovalev’s jab. Kovalev was steady the entire round. Pascal landed a left late in the round and got the Montreal crowd excited for a second.


Kovalev is so workmanlike. Pascal doesn’t look totally comfortable. Kovalev’s throwing the jab nicely and following up with the right hand.


Pascal is throwing heavy shots, but they’re wild and he’s landing a few, but because they’re so wild, he’s also taking some counters. At this point in the fight, Kovalev is outlanding him 3-1. Pascal’s also not taking some of these right hands very well.


For some reason, Pascal didn’t throw any punches in the round. It was all Kovalev. Pascal moved a lot, but still got hit a lot. Kovalev is hitting him often.


Pascal looks like he wants out already. He’s just covering up and Kovalev is loading up on big shots. Pascal isn’t fighting back. He’s just sitting there and trying to cover up at any cost. Pascal looks terrible.


Pascal’s plan seems to be to lay on the ropes or get stuck in the corner and just cover up and take big shots. He’s fighting a scared fight, or he’s hurt. After the round, he told Freddie Roach to let him go one more round. Roach told the referee to protect him.


Pascal stayed off the ropes like Roach requested, but took a ton of punishment. Kovalev was very workmanlike, took no risks and was just chopping him down slowly.

Back in the corner, Roach stopped the fight. This time, Pascal didn’t argue.

Winner: Sergei Kovalev by way of 7th round TKO

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