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Video – UFC 194 Embedded on FOX: Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor

UFC 194 Embedded

Watch the FOX version of UFC 194 Embedded.

I missed the live airing of this, but thanks to the fact that UFC puts just about all their preview content on YouTube, I was able to check it out. I’m guessing that the Embedded branding has overtaking the Countdown branding as this show wasn’t like the normal YouTube Embedded shows, which are lower rent videos with quick turnaround times.

This was just like a normal Countdown show with Embedded branding.

As you’d expect, Conor McGregor is the star of the show, but there’s a little bit of, “Jose Aldo is going to shut his mouth,” in the piece, which is great because Aldo himself doesn’t do a good job of promoting the fight. In fact, Aldo’s wife is so much better than him at it. She’s interviewed for a couple of short soundbites.

McGregor says that he talks, but he backs it up. This fight is so interesting to me because there’s still a lot of the UFC fanbase who thinks McGregor isn’t real and him beating Aldo decisively would shut them up. But if he doesn’t win, it enables the chatter, when the reality is, Jose Aldo is damn good and losing a competitive fight doesn’t disprove that McGregor is the real deal.

Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold are featured for about 40% of the show and Weidman does a great job as coming across as a regular guy who is easy to root for. In fact, it’s what Cain Velasquez should’ve been. But there’s a charm in that. Weidman is so casual in his approach whereas Rockhold is more forceful in trying to sell his personality. One guy looks like a natural, while the other isn’t. And that’s not a knock at Rockhold. This is his biggest opportunity so far.

I wouldn’t say that the show is one of the better preview shows they’ve done because there’s no must-see scene, but anything with McGregor is worth watching.

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