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UFC Fight Night: Namajunas Vs VanZant (Rose Vs Paige Live Coverage)

Rose vs Paige live coverage

Rose vs Paige live coverage

Follow along with our Rose vs Paige live coverage.

We’re only covering the main portion of the first of three UFC cards in a row this weekend. Tomorrow, we’ll have a preview for UFC 194.

Thiago Santos Vs Elias Theodorou

Theodorou was more active, though neither guy dominated the round. Santos came back late, but Theodorou dropped him with a front kick to the gut which was actually a counter to a right hand. That was excellent.

Theodorou grabbed the fence to stop a takedown, but was still taken down. Theodorou is pressing him up against the cage. Santos is trying to fight him off the cage and is actually doing a good job landing shots off the fence. It’s kind of weird that Theodorou is continuing to go for takedowns when he had good success on the feet. And Santos is landing more blows stuffing the takedown while up against the cage.

Theodorou took a knee and he has a huge cut that looks like an extra eye brow over the top of his eye brow. Santos is blasting him while Theodorou tries to continue to take him down. At one point, I thought Theodorou was out, but he continued to press. I had Santos winning the second and he’s clearly winning this third round. Theodorou didn’t stray from his strategy of continuing to push him up against the cage. Theodorou ate more knees and Santos blasted him with a body kick. It’s not fun being Theodorou right now.

Winner: Thiago Santos by way of unanimous decision

Santos got a 10-8 round from two judges in the last round and won 29-28, 29-27, and 29-27.

Cody Pfister Vs Sage Northcutt

Pfister got an early takedown and tried to advance his position, but Northcutt fought well off his back. The referee stood them up and Northcutt immediately got a takedown. He went for an arm triangle and then got some ground and pound in late to win the round.

Northcutt got a takedown right away and maneuvered Pfister’s attempt to take him down into a guillotine and tapped him out.

Winner: Sage Northcutt by way of 2nd round submission

Michael Chiesa Vs Jim Miller

Chiesa got an early takedown and Miller had trouble moving him while on his back. But he was quick to transition mid-round and maneuvered to getting Chiesa’s back and locking his legs around him.

Chiesa got another takedown, but Miller had a knee bar attempt. Chiesa defended it well and thanks to some flexibility may have hurt Miller with punches to the side of the head. Miller let go and Chiesa mounted him and started nailing him with punches. Miller tried to sit up and Chiesa put him in a rear naked choke and tapped him out.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by way of 2nd round submission

Paige VanZant Vs Rose Namajunas

Namajunas is throwing punches with bad intentions. She got a takedown and landed some hard punches on the ground. VanZant got out of there, but has a huge cut on her right cheek. Paige took a nasty right hand. She tried taking Namajunas down, but Namajunas didn’t budge. They went down both still locked into the attempt. VanZant is a bloody mess. That was ownage.

PVZ tried the same head-in-arm takedown, but Rose thwarted it even better than the first time and she actually landed on top. She quickly got the mount and forced PVZ to give up her back. Back on their feet, Namajunas pushed PVZ against the cage. PVZ finally got a takedown, but was in bad position and didn’t get to take advantage. PVZ probably has to win the next three rounds to have a chance.

PVZ’s corner told her to be aggressive and she came out throwing a weird jumping kick and Namajunas immediately put her back on the ground. Late in the round, Rose jumped on PVZ’s back, PVZ went toward the cage and right as they touched the cage, Rose ripped her backward and onto her back. PVZ was stuck in a rear naked choke for over 30 seconds and finally pulled out of it. She’s getting killed, but is such a babyface.

Namajunas had PVZ in an armbar and of course, PVZ escaped it after it looked like her arm was bent. With just under two minutes left, Namajunas had her arm again and this time, it looked like it hyperextended, but PVZ still got out. This is a one-sided ass whipping, but PVZ just asks for more.

Namajunas finally got the finish. PVZ had to tap out to the rear naked choke. I’m just glad it wasn’t another arm bar.

Winner: Rose Namajunas by way of 5th round submission

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