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The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor Vs Team Faber Recap – Episode 12

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber recap

Check out our Team McGregor vs Team Faber recap for episode twelve.

We’re down to the semifinals and the finals are this Saturday at the finale, which will also see Chad Mendes take on Frankie Edgar in a terrific main event.

Tonight, these are the following fights:

Saul Rogers vs Marcin Wrzosek
Artem Lobov vs Julian Erosa

Saul says he’s closest to Marcin and Artem but he’s here for himself, which is what Conor tried to tell his team.

Saul Rogers Vs Marcin Wrzosek

Rogers dominated. He was calm and dominated in every area. He stayed patient rather than simply go for the kill, when he had a lot of opportunities. He got a takedown early on and wore him out with the ground and pound.

In the second, Rogers grinded him out again, but got his back and sunk in the rear naked choke. Wrzosek wasn’t really in the fight.

Winner: Saul Rogers by way of 2nd round submission

Urijah brought Jose Aldo to his training session. I’m sure this was two fold; both helping his team and Julian as well as some mind games for McGregor.

McGregor seems to relish his opportunity with the fighters. He said he didn’t expect to bond with them, but he did.

McGregor was surprised to see Aldo sitting on Faber’s side, but there were surprisingly very little shenanigans.

Artem Lobov Vs Julian Erosa

Just based on the time left in the show, this thing isn’t going the distance, which doesn’t seem good for Erosa.

Artem went southpaw, countered a bad idea for a lunging right hand by Erosa, and landed the prettiest short left hook you’ll ever see. Erosa was out.

Winner: Artem Lobov by way of 1st round TKO

McGregor was so excited that he scaled the cage and jumped in the octagon and ripped his tight pants.

But, as there is sometimes, there was a twist. Rogers had issues with his visa and Dana White had to find a replacement fight for Artem. Instead, Ryan Hall will take the fight.

And here’s what’s interesting about that: Artem lost coming into the house, but was brought back in and destroyed everyone. Now, Hall, who lost to Rogers, gets a second chance.

Final thoughts: The two best guys left on the show dominated and won fairly easily. But there was a twist. I was a little disappointed that Aldo and McGregor was quite tame.

Overall, the season was strong. The show is long in the tooth, but every few seasons, they have the right mix of personalities, coaches, and fighters. This was a good one.

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