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The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor Vs Team Faber Recap – Episode 11

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber recap

Check out our Team McGregor vs Team Faber recap for episode eleven.

Apologies for the lateness in this report. I was out all week on business.

After last week, there’s only one Team Faber fighter left. These are the remaining second round matches:

Marcin Wrzosek vs David Teymur
Julian Erosa vs Abner Lloveras

Marcin Wrzosek Vs David Teymur

McGregor doesn’t have a game plan since it’s both of his guys.

Even though it’s a decently action packed first round, they are tentative in how hard they’re going at times. It’s almost like they want the fight to be as fair as possible. Wrzosek landed the first big blow, knocking Teymur to the ground with a right hand and followed up with ground and pound. Teymer got his shots in as well, the best one being a front kick right to Wrzosek’s face.

Teymur got a takedown at the start of the round and both guys traded positioning on the ground. Teymur was on top and in Wrzosek’s guard when the referee restarted them. It was so quiet. You could only hear the referee whisper to the guys. There were some nice exchanges, but it was mostly on the ground and neither guy had a clear advantage.

Winner: Marcin Wrzosek by way of majority decision

The scores were 19-19, 20-18, and 20-18.
Final thoughts: There were two good fights on this show and lots of women in bikinis.

Abner Lloveras Vs Julian Erosa

If Lloveras wins, it will be an all-McGregor semifinals.

Lloveras looks super confident in his striking. He’s immediately backing Erosa up. Erosa’s funky footwork is giving him some opportunities, but Lloveras’ strikes are more solid. Erosa walked through two nice rights. Lloveras shot in with about a minute left, but had troubles getting the takedown until the last five seconds, synching the round for himself.

Lloveras seems tired. He’s been busted open and then Erosa drops him with an uppercut. I thought he was going to finish it on the ground. This one has to go to the third.

McGregor wants Lloveras to throw combinations rather than single punches. Wherein the first round, Lloveras was pushing Erosa back, it’s often the other way around in the third. Lloveras got a takedown, but Erosa was back up quickly. Both guys were tired, but stayed active all the way until the end. Lloveras’ boxing was more clean, but the third round is close.

Winner: Julian Erosa by way of split decision

One judge had the last round for Lloveras and the other two for Erosa.

The semifinals matchups are:

Saul Rogers vs Marcin Wrzosek
Artem Lobov vs Julian Erosa

McGregor was upset at the decision. Artem told Dana that he wanted the fight as he thinks Erosa was gifted two decisions.

Final thoughts: The fights were fine, but with two fights on the last two shows, shenanigans between Faber and McGregor were a minimum. That will change next week.

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