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Rizin Fighting Federation – Breakfast With Fedor Play By Play

Breakfast with Fedor

Breakfast with Fedor

It’s time for Breakfast with Fedor!

Jimmy Smith and Sean Grande are on the call.

Shinya Aoki Vs Kazushi Sakuraba

Aoki destroyed Sakuraba and Sakuraba took a lot of unnecessary shots on the ground. They gave him every opportunity to get up, but it was finally stopped a little over midway in the first round.

Winner: Shinya Aoki by way of 1st round TKO

Aoki was crying after the match for having to finish Sakuraba and Sakuraba was picking him up to let him know it was okay.

King Mo Vs Teodoras Aukstuolis

Mo is wearing wrestling shoes so he can’t kick. He’s dominating the boxing. Aukstuolis is just too slow and he doesn’t move his head at all. Mo’s feinting and slipping in and out. Aukstuolis is throwing punches while at the same time, trying to avoid punches, so even the ones he lands don’t have a lot of heat on them. Mo is landing his jab at will.

Aukstuolis finally landed a nice body shot. Mo picked him up and nearly power bombed him. Mo took it to the ground and Aukstuolis couldn’t do anything with him. Mo’s going to win this one easily. 

Winner: King Mo by decision 

Jiri Prochazka Vs Vadim Nemkov

This was a fantastic first round. Nemkov looked great for about the first seven minutes. He was going for submissions, getting the better of the standing and outclassing him everywhere. But he gassed out badly. Prochazka came back in the last two rounds to make it closer. Nemkov couldn’t get up and was so tired so Prochazka advances. 

Winner: Jiri Prochazka

Kizaemon Saiga Vs Hideo Tokoro

This was great. Saiga was really good early on standing. But Tokoro’s jiu-jitsu was way too good. Saiga was fighting off submissions all the way through but had to tap out to an arm bar. 

Winner: Hideo Tokoro by way of 1st round submission 

Brennan Ward Vs Ken Hasegawa

Ward dropped him with a left hook and Hasegawa looked on his way out. They went to the ground, which enabled Hasegawa to get great position and he was dropping elbows and knees on Ward. Back on their feet, Hasegawa took him back down, but they were caught in the ropes and were stood back up. Ward changed stance and threw two nasty right hooks that dropped Hasegawa again. He went for a guillotine, didn’t get it, and lost position again. 

Asen Yamamoto Vs Kron Gracie

Gracie is bigger and stronger than Yamamoto. He was toying with him on the feet until he got him in the clinch and then had him in a deep arm bar. Yamamoto got out and ended up on top. Gracie fought well off his back. Yamamoto picked him up with Gracie’s legs around him and slammed him, but then had to tap to a triangle. 

Winner: Kron Gracie by way of 1st round submission

Lei’ D Tapa Vs Gabi Garcia

Tapa dropped her early. But it was a cat/mouse game all throughout. Eventually Garcia caught her with a spinning back fist that almost looked accidental. Tapa went down and she pounded her out. 

Winner: Gabi Garcia by way of 1st round TKO

On second look, it wasn’t even a spinning back fist. She just threw it out there and touched Tapa’s chin. 

Yuichiro Nagashima Vs Andy Souwer

That was competitive for only a short time. Nagashima had Souwer on the ground and in a leg lock but couldn’t do anything with the position. Souwer used the position to his advantage, throwing knees and punches and knocking Nagashima’s tooth out. Back on the feet, Souwer destroyed him.

Winner: Andy Souwer by way of 1st round TKO

Jiri Prochazka Vs King Mo

They had a few hours in between fights. The fight was even on the feet until Mo got a takedown and Prochazka took punishment even though Mo was in his guard. Mo opened up a cut over his right eye. 

Back on their feet, Prochazka lunged toward Mo and caught a right hand that turned his lights out. 

Winner: King Mo by way of 1st round TKO

Singh Jaideep Vs Fedor Emelianenko

As expected, this wasn’t much. Once on the ground, Fedor trapped one of his arms and slugged him out.

Winner: Fedor Emelianenko by way of 1st round TKO

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