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NXT TakeOver: London Play By Play – Finn Balor Vs Samoa Joe

NXT TakeOver: London

Check out or NXT TakeOver: London play by play.

Triple H is in the ring, looking no worse for the wear after getting destroyed by Roman Reigns. Would’ve liked to at least seen some bandages or a limp.

Asuka Vs Emma

Much longer match than we’ve seen from Asuka. I’m glad that Emma got as much offense as she did. She’s really come into her own in her second stint on NXT. After some early Asuka ownage, including holding a hammer lock on for dear life and a Fujiwara armbar, Emma took over. Asuka has so much charisma, especially in her selling.

Asuka had Emma in a submission before the referee kicked Dana Brooke out of the match and then Asuka kicked her head off for the win.

Winner: Asuka

Enzo and Big Cass Vs Dash and Dawson

Enzo is wearing some ridiculous leather overalls. He’s already tired of the straps one minute into the match and pulls it down, showing a British flag.

The Mechanics did their best Tully and Arm impersonation. Enzo played a weird looking Ricky Morton, trying to get the crowd to go crazy before setting up the hot tag. Except, he didn’t tag in Robert Gibson. He tagged in a more mobile Kevin Nash. After running wild, his bad knee was clipped and Dash put him in a reverse figure four of some sort. Cass got to the bottom rope.

Enzo and Cass had it won, but Dawson pulled Dash out of the ring. Enzo, who had taken quite a beating before the hot tag, took their crazy finisher from the top rope and they’re still the lovable losers. That match was well booked for what they were trying to do.

Winner: Dash and Dawson

Baron Corbin Vs Apollo Crews

Corbin is fired up tonight. His offense is more fiery and hard hitting than normal. He was on offense for a long time, maybe too long. When Crews made his comeback, it seemed that the crowd was more interested in chanting than watching the match. And then when he finally got some offense in, Corbin got the heat back.

Crews escaped the End of Days, hit an enziguiri and his standing moonsault, but Corbin kicked out. Corbin stopped Crews from picking him up by grabbing the top rope and then hit the End of Days. I didn’t expect Crews’ first loss to be to Corbin.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Nia Jax Vs Bayley

Before the match, they teased something with Nia and Asuka, who was peeking in on her interview.

What a cat and mouse game type of match. Jax destroyed her, but Bayley would get some hope spots and fight back. Jax gave her three Samoan drops and then a leg drop. She put her foot on Bayley’s stomach for the cocky pin and Bayley still kicked out. She gave her several more leg drops and Bayley still kicked out.

Nia put her on the top rope, but Bayley, who seemed out, sunk in a guillotine choke. The crowd is living and dying with every Bayley hope spot. Jax would toss her off and Bayley would be dead again, only to put the guillotine on out of nowhere. It’s great drama, but maybe a tad bit comical. Nia tapped. I’m not sure that was the right finish.

Winner: Bayley

Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor

Joe is so amazing. He transitioned a powerbomb into a Boston Crab into a crossface, into a Fujiwara armbar. Balor is selling his ass off.

After kicking out of each other’s big moves, they went directly to fisticuffs. Joe put on the rear naked choke, but Balor fell forward toward the turnbuckle to break it. Joe gets it again. Balor rolls backward and double stomps him. Balor hits a slingblade, two drop kicks into the corner, Joe tries to no-sell, but Balor gets him again. Balor goes to the top, but Joe catches him and tries for the Muscle Buster. Balor blocks it, Joe kicks him, and they fight at the top. Balor kicks him off and finally hits the Coup de Grâce to win the match.

What a great finish.

Winner: Finn Balor

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