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Video – Ariel Helwani: Jon Jones Breaks Silence

Jon Jones breaks silence

Watch and listen as Jon Jones breaks silence.

Ariel Helwani spent time in Albuquerque, New Mexico interviewing Jon Jones for the first time since Jones’ car accident and jail stint. It’s a very interesting interview with many big topics that Jones’ speaks upon. The video starts with Jones doing his community service work, speaking to kids about bullying. It’s kind of funny to listen to a fighter talk about anti-bullying.

Ariel doesn’t ask Jones about testosterone or steroids and he really doesn’t get into the cocaine issue much, but Jones doesn’t skirt the latter issue. He says that he doesn’t like cocaine and the first time he used it, he got caught. You can lower your eye brows. I don’t think many of us believe that.

He says that his drug of choice was marijuana and he’s now clean. He also loved alcohol and he doesn’t drink anymore. Eye brows people, eye brows!

He goes over the car accident and what was going on through his mind and why he did what he did and what he’s learned.

But the most interesting part of the conversation is about his relationship with the UFC. He’s peeved about the UFC 151 fiasco as well as them knowing that Vitor Belfort was on steroids before their fight and still putting him into the cage with him. It seems that the relationship is pretty strained. Though, he doesn’t say who he’s actually mad at, calling Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita both business men.

He talks his reputation as being fake from earlier in his career and believes it was legit and this is his real personality now. He also talks about who he might be working with in the future. And of course, he takes his shots at Daniel Cormier.

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