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True Ten Scoring Classic – St-Pierre Vs Hendricks

St-Pierre vs Hendricks

Via UFC.com

St-Pierre vs Hendricks
Via UFC.com
The PeachMachine is back to score GSP’s last fight (as of right now), St-Pierre vs. Hendricks.

It’s Georges “Rush” St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks for the UFC Welterweight Championship. GSP warms up with some cartwheel. GSP also has a 7-inch reach advantage.

(If you’re not familiar with the True Ten, you can read the guide to the scoring system.)

UFC 167

Welterweight: St-Pierre Vs Hendericks

17 – Johny Hendricks vs. Georges St-Pierre [UFC… by -bazZz

Round 1) A lot of clinch game going on and some good inside wrestling. A lot of knee strikes. Neither one really wanted to commit. Hendricks probably did more damage but I don’t think he won the round. 10-10

Round 2) Hendricks comes out big and looks to have hurt GSP. A second volley puts GSP against the cage. You know that GSP’s career is done at this point because his tan in this match was non-existent. 10-9 Hendricks

Round 3) GSP is having a much better round, and is starting to get to Hendricks. He is connecting twice as often as Hendricks. Johny took a double leg shot and finally got in on GSP with 30 seconds left. GSP recovers to end the round. 10-9 GSP

Round 4) Johnny gets a take down and starts to apply ground and pound. Johny lets GSP up, and GSP is a bloody mess. Back up on their feet, nothing happening. This is a tough round to call. 10-10

Round 5) Good action as we see some nice wrestling, a few exchanges, and now GSP is up and delivering knees. Back up to feet for both. GSP with a take down, but Hendricks is right back up. They end the round on the cage with nothing doing. 10-10

True Ten Result: 49-49 Draw

Official Result: GSP by Split Decision

Judges: (48-47 St. Pierre), Glenn Trowbridge (48-47 Hendricks), Tony Weeks (48-47 St. Pierre) – The only dissenting round amongst the judges was round one, which Trowbridge gave to Hendricks. Beyond that, each judge had round two for Hendricks, round three for St. Pierre, round four for Hendricks, and round five for St. Pierre.

Media: All media scores were 48-47 for Hendricks.

Overall Analysis: This was a terrific fight and it ended differently than my “True Ten” result. No judges used a single 10-10. This is just another argument in favor of my scoring system, because this match definitely warranted a rematch, which we may never get.

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