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Throwback Thursday Video – Hulk Hogan’s Gravest Challenge

Hulk Hogan's gravest challenge

Remember Hulk Hogan’s gravest challenge?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

On November 27, 1991, the Survivor Series PPV was held on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, for the first time. The previous three shows were held on the actual Thanksgiving day.

For some reason, there are so many things about this show that I remember.

– I was following the “wrestling business” very closely being that I had access to an insider’s wrestling radio show hosted by Dynamite D from the Slammer’s Gym, which I now surmise was him simply reading from the Wrestling Observer. So I was clued in at this point.

– It was Ric Flair’s first WWE PPV and I believe, his first televised match, which was a Survivor Series elimination match against Roddy Piper’s team. I’d been following Flair closely since he left WCW a few months prior.

– Randy Savage was retired, but after Jake “The Snake” Roberts interrupted his wedding reception with Elizabeth and then had his snake “bite” Savage, Savage was back. This was the lead angle which kicked off the show and gave us President Jack Tunney announcing that both guys were off the show and would instead face each other “This Tuesday in Texas.”

– The previous three Survivor Series PPVs featured only elimination matches. Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker in a title match was the first singles match in Survivor Series history. It was the beginning of Taker’s second year in WWF and here he was, already in a PPV title match.

Thanks to help from Ric Flair, he defeated Hulk Hogan with a Tombstone piledriver on the chair. Hogan’s last pinfall loss was to the Ultimate Warrior. Supposedly, Hogan blamed Taker for a neck injury from the bump, but after watching it later, Taker saw how Hogan’s head didn’t come close to the chair.

The aftermath was that they had a rematch at “This Tuesday In Texas”, the first Tuesday PPV, and Hogan regained his belt, only for it to be held up. It would then be won at the following year’s Royal Rumble, by Ric Flair.

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