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Throwback Thursday – The Night Marvin Hagler Was Knocked Down

Marvin Hagler was knocked down

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I hope the title of this post isn’t too dramatic, but it really is what the fight is remembered for. Was it a knockdown? A slip? A punch to the back of the head?

Just four months after Marvin Hagler disposed of Roberto Duran in a fight that he was criticized for not closing out, Hagler faced Juan Roldán, a bruising Argentinian.

Roldán had been fighting on Hagler’s undercard for some time and while he wasn’t in the same class of Hagler as a boxer, he was a hard puncher.

Just seconds into the fight, Roldán threw a left hook that Hagler didn’t really do a good job getting out of the way from. It landed, though it wasn’t a big shot and Hagler went down. Hagler immediately yelled out that it was a slip, but it was ruled a knockdown.

Roldán fought well for nearly three rounds until Hagler caught him and he had trouble seeing out of his eye. Hagler looked slow to react, but he mentioned that it was going to take a few rounds to figure out what Roldán was going to do. And once he figured it out, it was bad news for Roldán. Hagler battered him all over the ring until it was finally stopped in the 10th round after Roldán told the referee he didn’t want to fight anymore, following a knockdown in which he was able to get up from.

Roldán’s corner didn’t let him quit earlier in the fight when he was having trouble seeing, noting that he was actually ahead in the fight.

There is also some curiosity around if this was the fight in which Sugar Ray Leonard decided that he could finally take Hagler, noting as the analyst, that Hagler may be slowing down.

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