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The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor Vs Team Faber Recap – Episode 8

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber recap

Check out our Team McGregor vs Team Faber recap for episode eight.

There are two fights on the show tonight.

Last week after his team won, Conor McGregor announced James Jenkins against Artem Lobov for the next fight.

Artem said that after Dana White brought him back on the show, he told White he didn’t think he deserved it, but would gladly take it.

He said his goal is to make Dana pull the checkbook out, meaning, he wants a knockout bonus. McGregor mentioned that he does have a deeper bond with Artem because they are actually teammates.

Urijah said that he thinks they’re going to see a bloody mess of a fight.

Artem Lobov Vs James Jenkins

Lobov was toying with him on the feet. He started with kicks and then kept his hands down, daring Jenkins to throw punches so he could counter. He bloodied Jenkins’ right eye with a punch that the doctor had to check on. I think he accidentally poked him in the same eye. He then dropped him late in the first, Jenkins covered up and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Artem Lobov by way of 1st round TKO

The next fight is David Teymur vs Johnny Nunez.

Johnny Nunez Vs David Teymur

McGregor didn’t show up before the fight started.

Teymur smothered him after landing a nasty knee to the body and the referee had to tell Nunez that he had to fight back. Back on their feet, Nunez lunged into a left hook that Teymur should’ve seen coming a while away and caught him. Round ended with Nunez on top of him.

Nunez worked takedown again, but Teymur was able to land some shots. They’re headed to the third and McGregor finally showed up.

Teymur put Nunez on his back. Nunez tumbled toward him and Teymur threw a left hand that grazed Nunez, but Nunez was so tired that he simply fell against the cage and then backward. He wasn’t defending himself again, and just turtled. Back on their feet, the ref had to restart them because the weren’t doing anything. They were just tired. Teymur threw a kick and again, Nunez went down, though I’m not sure if it was because of the blow. But Teymur is also landing kicks and knees. This is absolutely his round. Nunez came back with a takedown, but it might be too late.

Winner: David Teymur by way of decision

McGregor puts Abner Lloveras and Jason Gonzalez together for the next fight.

Final thoughts: The first fight was a whitewashing, but the second fight was competitive, though Nunez’s ability to strike left a lot to be desired. Solid show this week.

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