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The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor Vs Team Faber Recap – Episode 10

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber recap

Check out our Team McGregor vs Team Faber recap for episode ten.

Apologies for the lateness in this report. Next week’s report will also be delayed.

After last week’s show, Dana and the coaches picked these matchups for the quarterfinals.

Artem Lobov vs Martin Svensson
Saul Rogers vs Ryan Hall
Marcin Wrzosek vs David Teymur
Julian Erosa vs Abner Lloveras

Gritz was removed from the tournament thanks to his decision victory that was deemed the least exciting of them all.

Faber tells Gritz that he can’t believe they did that, though it’s hard to believe that they’re surprised based on the rules. He tells Gritz to stay ready because you never know what’s going to happen.

And just like that…Martin Svensson has a broken elbow and is out of his fight, so Gritz is back in the tournament!

Conor was surprised about Martin, but nonchalantly said that he thinks Artem will knock Gritz out in the first.

Dana threw a pool party for the fighters and all of a sudden, there were tons of women with big boobs at the house in bikinis. What a guy Dana is.

Artem Lobov Vs Chris Gruetzemacher

Artem had zero worry about Gruetzemacher’s hands and late in the round, he paid for it a bit. He kept his arms low throughout. Gruetzemacher kept pushing forward, eating a lot of punches and elbows in the process and his mouth was bloodied.

Gruetzemacher took a ton of shots and kept coming. He also varied his strikes, using knees and kicks as well, while Artem mostly boxed him. Gruetzemacher went down with a shot and it looked like it was over, but Gruetzemacher got back up, only to go right back down and he was out.

Winner: Artem Lobov by 2nd round TKO

The next fight is Ryan Hall vs Saul Rogers and this is the one quarterfinal fight that I’m looking forward to most.

Rogers looks like he wants to prove something while Hall looks like this is no big deal.

Saul Rogers Vs Ryan Hall

For the first two minutes, neither guy really took a dominant position. Both landed kicks. Rogers is definitely more dynamic on the feet. Hall looks to fall to his back like a pro wrestler, at any possible chance he gets. Rogers landed a shot with his power hand. Hall is parrying with his front foot in hopes to get inside. You’d probably give Rogers the first round, but neither guy really did anything of note. Hall needs to force the issue if he’s going to get a chance at his 50/50 position.

They finally went to the ground and Rogers was on top of him in his guard. Hall couldn’t do anything with the position and they were back on their feet shortly. Rogers dropped him to his knee. Hall dove for a heel hook, but couldn’t get it. He then went for a kimura, but Rogers slipped out. Hall has two minutes to do something. Rogers was in a bad position, but pulled his foot away. Hall is doing whatever he can here to give him a good position for a submission, but Rogers is stuffing him. There will be no third round.

Winner: Saul Rogers by way of majority decision

One judge had it 19-19, but the other two judges had it 20-18.

Faber only has Julian Erosa left. If Juicy J doesn’t win, it’s going to be an all Team McGregor semi-finals.

Final thoughts: There were two good fights on this show and lots of women in bikinis.

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