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True Ten Scoring – TUF 22 Week 5

True Ten scoring

True Ten scoring

PeachMachine brings us a supplementary version of his True Ten scoring column.

If you need an explanation of the True Ten scoring system, read the first installment of the True Ten from last week.

Last week was the first installment of this series, which will look at the weekly fight from The Ultimate Fighter Season 22, and I recapped the first four weeks of action. We continue with the first round in the tournament of 16 to see who is the Ultimate Fighter.

However, are you really the Ultimate Fighter if there are at least 21 other TUF winners? Some seasons have had multiple winners as well. I’d rename the show, The Pretty Good Fighter, but I don’t have a marketing degree; I have a degree in Communication (“Is phony major! Luchenko learn nothing, nothing!). Maybe when the show is over, I’ll look at all the past winners and see how many truly ultimate fighters there are left.

On with the show…

Usually these are two round affairs that only go to a third if the fighters split the first two rounds. I can only assume these fights are judged by commission judges in the same way as regular fights. These decisions are kept pretty closely under wraps since they are taped well in advance of airing.

TUF Season 22, Episode 5 – Original Air Date 10/7/15

TUF 1st Round: Billy Quarantillo (USA) vs. Saul Rogers (Europe)

Official Result: Rogers via unanimous decision
Judges: Hagen (20-16 Rogers), Trowbridge (20-17 Rogers), Charmin (20-17)
***Unclear if I got the judges names right as Dana kind of mumbled***

Classic Ten: Rd 1) 10-8 Rogers, Rd 2) 10-8 Rogers
Result: 20-16 Rogers

True Ten: Rd 1) 10-6 Rogers, Rd 2) 10-6 Rogers
Result: 20-12 Rogers

Analysis: This was a one sided affair and an easy decision. Round one saw Rogers on top and controlling the whole round and doing a decent amount of damage. Round two was the same but with way more strikes for Rogers. He did not do a ton of damage in either round in terms of significant strikes, but if the real judges were giving 10-8s, then these were no doubt 10-6 rounds in my system. Rogers advances to take on Chris Gruetzemacher in the quarterfinals.

Overall Analysis: Not too much to report on as the scoring was very straightforward and non-controversial. I was very happy to see all three judges scoring at least one round 10-8. It is refreshing to know that the current system can work properly. We just need to educate more judges to not be afraid to score more openly.

What seems odd to me is that I’m allowed to watch two tattooed up freak shows, nearly nude, whomp each other bloody, and yet I’m not allowed to hear an Irishman drop an F bomb. Which is more offensive? A violent beating, or four letters put together to form a sound.

That aside, I was able to sneak in four references to the Simpsons. If you can name all of them, tweet me @hendosfoodblog and I’ll mail you…forty dollars (checks will not be honored).

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