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True Ten Scoring – TUF 22 Episode 6

True Ten scoring

PeachMachine is back lending his True Ten scoring to episode 6 of TUF 22.

Back on track this week with the Cubs once again repeating history by being spectacularly swept by the Mets, making sure the Cubbie Curse remains intact. The Chicago curse is real. Just ask Canary M. Punk. Who could possibly care about the World Series at this point? I guess I’ll go back to watching this repetitive show.

If you’re not familiar with the True Ten, you can read the guide to the scoring system.

On with the show…

TUF Season 22 Episode 6 – Wednesday 10/21/15

TUF 1st Round: Mehdi Baghdad (Team Europe) vs. Julian Erosa (Team USA)

Official Result: Erosa via majority decision
Judges: Trowbridge (20-18 Erosa), Camillo (19-19), Weeks (20-18 Erosa)

Classic Ten: Rd 1) 10-9 Erosa, Rd 2) Baghdad 10-9
Result: 19-19 Draw

True Ten: Rd 1) 10-10, Rd 2) 10-10
Result: 20-20 draw and third round necessary

Analysis: So here we are with another house fight that does not end in a finish. Dana delivers his classic line about not letting it go to the judges. I get it, but Dana needs to understand that there is another dude standing across the cage preventing you from finishing him. It doesn’t always work out. The answer is not to keep saying that but to FIX THE JUDGING! And that, my friends, is what this article is all about. That fight was clearly a draw, and needed to go another round. Neither round 1 nor 2 had a decisive victor, but out of all three judges, and all 6 round scores, NONE gave out a 10-10. STUPID!

In this case I don’t mind so much as these are house fights, and I don’t think these guys need to be fighting 3 rounds multiple times in 6 weeks, but on a regular fight card, let’s start using the 10-10~! Come on people, get a hand in, break it down, helmet’s not a chair. Clap it up.

Overall Analysis: Julian Erosa advances in the house tournament to face Marcin Wrzosek in the quarterfinals. Next week, a really tall guy wearing suspenders fights a really short guy. The most exciting thing happening on this show is Faber constantly talking about sandals with McGregor, and in this episode, it pays off big, with Faber giving McGregor a pair of USA sandals that cost Urijah 29 dollars. High drama! This show needs to die. Nobody watches, and it rarely creates any new stars. It just waters down the ranks because a lot of these guys will get three fight deals and we already have enough jobbers. For example, this entire upcoming Fight Pass card…

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