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The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor Vs Team Faber Recap – Episode 6

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber recap

Check out our Team McGregor vs Team Faber recap for episode six.

Last week, the show was interrupted because of the baseball playoffs and for some reason, I thought it was going to be interrupted again. So I apologize for the late review. But better late than ever right?

Last week, Conor McGregor set up Mehdi Baghdad vs Julian Erosa as this week’s fight.

Before the show got kicked off, Urijah Faber gave Conor McGregor some USA colored flip flops. McGregor accepted the gift and said he now owed Faber a gift.

TJ Dillashaw came to help out Urijah Faber. Urijah talks about Coach Duane coming in, not saying it’s Bang Ludwig, and how he made his name with Team Alpha Male and bounced. TJ says that Bang and Faber don’t see eye to eye, but they have a good relationship and he trains half time in Colorado with him.

In a previous episode, McGregor told Faber to know who his enemies are, saying that Dillashaw was a snake in the grass.

After the weigh-in, McGregor was going in on Faber for not winning a title in the UFC and also for Dillashaw being a snake in the grass. Faber kept his cool and tried to laugh it off. Faber told McGregor that both he and Dillashaw would take him and McGregor said he’d take them both at the same time. Faber said that he and TJ don’t get tired, kind of throwing Chad Mendes under the bus for gassing during his fight with McGregor. McGregor ruffled the feathers of one of the fighters who is close to TJ and he pushed McGregor.

Dillashaw came back and McGregor started up again telling TJ that he wasn’t loyal to Faber who recruited him out of high school. Faber tried to turn the tide on McGregor saying that he doesn’t want to fight TJ, he wants McGregor. McGregor said he’s too small and is fighting a guy in Jose Aldo who Faber already lost to. Faber looked bad and there’s no way he couldn’t have.

McGregor is such a tremendous heel and it turns out that he was right on the money.

For the fight, McGregor’s team all wore sunglasses like his. He loved it.

Mehdi Baghdad Vs Julian Erosa

Erosa tried to dance around and landed some shots, but he backed himself against the cage and left himself open for a nice right hand by Baghdad. Erosa landed leg kicks, dropped his hands, and was punched in the face. His hands are constantly low, but he’s real herky jerky. Erosa dropped a nice front kick to the face in. Erosa takes punches like he’s going to be dropped, but he’s right back in there like he’s not hurt at all. Baghdad closed strong.

Erosa is starting to successfully use the front kick both to land punches on the inside before getting out and also to keep Baghdad at bay. When Baghdad sits on his punches and stops being indecisive, he lands, so it’s weird that he’s not leading the exchanges more. Baghdad is landing a beautiful lead left elbow, but Erosa answered back with another front kick. McGregor is telling him to be first because when he’s first, he dominates.

I thought there was a chance this would go to a third, but it didn’t. Judging the fight as a whole, I’d take Baghdad, but both rounds were pretty close and undecisive.

Winner: Julian Erosa by majority decision

The scores were 20-18, 19-19, and 20-18. McGregor had nothing but good things to say about Baghdad.

Faber chose Thanh Le vs Martin Svensson as the next fight.

Final thoughts: This was a really solid episode with a good fight. Conor McGregor is such a great heel.

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