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The Fabulous Four Podcast – Hearns Vs Duran

Hearns vs Duran
Duan and GG host the fifth Fabulous Four podcast which focuses on Hearns vs Duran.

If you missed any of the episodes, we have a page dedicated to the podcast.

We’re now in 1984 and it’s an interesting time in the lives of the Fabulous Four, or the Four Kings. Roberto Duran has turned himself back into a big time prize fighter again, coming off his great showing against Marvin Hagler. Hagler took a step back in some eyes, but still moves forward in his attempts for big money fights against Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Sugar Ray has stepped away from the game a second time, after a bad showing against Kevin Howard in which he was knocked down. He’s still having issues with his bad eye.

But you know who isn’t really having any issues at this point? Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns isn’t. It’s not to say that Hearns’ boxing life was perfect as he was still dealing with his loss to Leonard a few years prior. And his power seemed to be zapped as he started going up in weight. But Hearns comes out of this fight looking like the scariest man in boxing.

Take a listen to our podcast on Hearns vs Duran and let us know what you think.

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