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Video – All Access: Mayweather Vs Berto – Episode 2

All Access: Mayeather vs Berto

Watch the second episode of All Access: Mayweather vs Berto.

In the second episode of All Access, they focused more on Andre Berto’s upbringing. His father was shown watching him train and there was also a short piece on his Haitian background, including when Andre was in Haiti helping his country recover from a natural disaster.

They also answered the question which was, “What the heck happened to Berto?” They showed Berto losing to Jesús Soto Karass after hurting his right shoulder and having to fight much of the fight with just his left hand.

However, I think most boxing fans believe the unraveling came the fight before when Robert Guerrero outclassed him for twelve rounds.

As for Mayweather, he’s shown driving a brand new car in which only two exist. And there’s a pretty crass showing with him in the shower, asking a woman to wash his back for him. It was shot in a way that was meant to make you believe he was naked, but as you got closer, you saw that he was wearing swimming trunks. So it was crass and shown to be completely staged all at the same time. I would’ve avoided that one Showtime.

We’re headed for the stretch run here with only one episode left until the fight.