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Video – All Access: Mayweather Vs Berto – Epilogue

Watch the epilogue of All Access: Mayweather vs Berto.

And so it goes for yet another Floyd Mayweather fight, this one against an opponent whose name wasn’t there and who didn’t really deserve the fight anyway. But it was all part of the last fight of Floyd Mayweather’s deal with Showtime and maybe the end of his career.

The epilogue gives very little insight into the final fight, but does have one very cool moment. As Mayweather gets ready to come out for round 12, he gets introspective and is near tears while thanking his father for teaching him. It was seemingly inspiring for him as it was one of his best rounds of the fight.

Mayweather was also aware that the PPV numbers weren’t moving. Just before the fight, he asked Justin Bieber how many Instagram followers he had. When JB told him 40 million, he didn’t ask, he told Bieber to put a photo on Instagram promoting the PPV.

You could tell that Virgil Hunter, Andre Berto’s trainer knew they were in for a long night but was hoping he could motivate Berto enough. He was rough on him in the corner. And after the fight, he told Berto’s dad that if he had Marcos Maidana’s intensity, he would’ve knocked him out. Well, maybe that made him feel better after the fight was over.

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