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Throwback Thursday Video – Hagler Vs Antuofermo 2

We look back at Hagler vs Antuofermo 2.

As Marvin Hagler tried to create a public awareness about himself as one of boxing’s best fighters, he seemingly had to jump through hoops to get the fights that would help him get there. And a lot of that had to do with the fact that he wasn’t an attractive opponent. Not only was he a fantastic fighter, but because he didn’t bring a lot of public awareness to the table himself, losing to him didn’t really help you. And if you were going to fight him, you were more than likely losing.

After beating Alan Minter for the middleweight title, Hagler had one fight in between trying to avenge his draw with Vito Antuofermo in 1979; a fight that was supposed to be his coming out party. It was a fight that just about everyone thought he won except for a couple of the judges.

Avenge that draw he does, in vicious style. After the end of the fourth round, Antuofermo’s face looked like Rocky Balboa’s after his first fight with Apollo Creed. Vito’s camp, telling the referee that the cuts were coming from butts, didn’t allow him to go back out there and probably for good measure.

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