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The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor Vs Team Faber Recap – Episode 3

Team McGregor Vs Team Faber recap

Check out our Team McGregor vs Team Faber recap for episode three.

At the end of the last episode, Faber picked Chris Gruetzemacher to face Sascha Nitin Sharma in the next fight.

McGregor’s team trains twice a day. Their morning session is a lighter session which is led by his coaches and he shows up for the night session, which is more intense.

Urijah shows up at the TUF house so they can all watch TJ Dillashaw take on Renan Barao. It was cool to see them all react to their guy winning.

Back at the gym, McGregor tells Faber that he should fight Dillashaw. He said he needs to recognize the enemy. He’s alluding to the fact that Bang Ludwig was in Dillashaw’s corner rather than Faber. He calls both Urijah and TJ pussies.

Dana says that Chris is definitely the more seasoned fighter, but Sasha believes that he’s the underdog and there’s no pressure on him because of it.

Sascha Sharma Vs Chris Gruetzemacher

McGregor told Sharma to be first and he was. He landed a couple early punches and looked confident with knees to the body. Gruetzemacher took him down but Sharma put him in a triangle. Back up, Sharma had success with him against the fence, but Gruetzemacher’s wrestling took over. Have to give Sharma credit for staying on him as much as possible.

Gruetzemacher’s wrestling is dominating the second and McGregor is upset, yelling at Sharma to stay on his feet. Gruetzemacher also busted him open. Gruetzemacher tried an armbar and then a triangle, but Sharma defended it well and ended on top. Gruetzemacher just bullied him for much of the round.

They’re going to a third round. I can see Sharma getting the first, though I would’ve given it to Gruetzemacher. McGregor screams at Sharma to stay off his back and immediately Gruetzemacher gets him to his back. Sharma tries a guillotine, but McGregor thinks he should’ve tried to get up from the position. He screamed at him the entire round to get to his feet. I think Sharma was just exhausted.

Winner: Chris Gruetzemacher

Faber tells McGregor that he should show up to morning practice too. One of McGregor’s team members said that it should be coaches versus coaches and they would win.

Faber chooses the next matchup which is Tom Gallicchio vs Marcin Wrzoseck.

McGregor is giving Sharma the business saying that there wasn’t a talent difference. He said it was all about his will and wondered if he really wanted to fight.

Final thoughts: They sure are doing an amazing job setting up Conor McGregor vs Urijah Faber, but they also did a great job setting up TJ Dillashaw vs Urijah Faber.

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