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Showtime Boxing – Mayweather Vs Berto Live Coverage

Mayweather vs Berto
It’s supposedly the last fight for Floyd Mayweather. Follow along for Mayweather vs Berto play by play.

Earlier in the night, Badu Jack beat George Groves by split decision to keep his WBC super middleweight title.

Roman Martinez and Orlando Salido ended in a split draw.

We’ll be back with live coverage of Mayweather vs Berto soon.

Mayweather Vs Berto

Berto rehydrated to 157 and they didn’t have Floyd’s weight after rehydration. Floyd has the height and reach advantage.


Mayweather looks really loose early on. Berto looks nervous as he keeps touching his shorts. Mayweather’s throwing left jabs and left hooks. Berto landed one jab, but otherwise, didn’t touch him even though Mayweather is staying right in front of him.


Berto had a decent opportunity with just under a minute, but Mayweather bobbed and weaved his way out of there. Mayweather also didn’t connect as well as he did in the first. Much closer round.


Mayweather slipped with just under a minute to go. It was biggest crowd pop all night so far. Berto has gotten Mayweather in the corner a few times and just like most, he tries to land that overhand right, which Mayweather actually baits him to do and Mayweather is out of there. I thought Berto’s athleticism would be able to force Floyd to engage a bit more, but Floyd’s already figured him out.


There were some nice shots landed by both guys in this round. Berto caught Mayweather’s attention while against the ropes. Mayweather caught him with a right hand and a left hook and then Berto caught him with a wild left. Lots of clinching and pushing in the clinch in the round.


Virgil Hunter was yelling at Berto in between rounds, trying to get him to control and take over the fight. Good luck with that one.

The punch numbers say (at this point 71-20 for Mayweather) Mayweather is doing his usual masterful defensive performance. Berto has to be frustrated. Stuff that usually works for him has zero chance of working. Mayweather is controlling the entire fight.


Mayweather caught Berto with some winging hooks. Berto caught Mayweather with a wild left. Mayweather came back with pressure. So far, this is the best round. Mayweather was holding and hitting and Kenny Bayless just warned him. It’s happened so often that he really should take a point. Not that it will matter. I have Mayweather up 6-0, but Berto had a couple of decent rounds.


Floyd was pretty crafty in this round. He used his arm to park it right underneath Berto’s arms and then hit him with a body shot. Berto wouldn’t have been able to get his arms down to protect himself. Whenever Berto gets him to the ropes, Mayweather turns sideways making Berto unable to throw any hooks. He won’t be able to reach him.


Mayweather clearly won the first half of the round and then cruised for the rest of it. He did a little stroll near the ropes. Berto tried put his hands down, but when you’re losing the fight clearly, you have to jump on him when he does that.


Berto landed some nice shots, but there’s a lot of trash talking going on. Berto’s trying to corner Mayweather and he is catching him here and there, but he’s also eating counters.


There was so much trash talking that Bayless separated the guys and told them to stop. Berto told Mayweather to shut up. Mayweather said, no Berto should shut up. Berto is caught in Mayweather’s web of defense and now web of trash talk. Instead of pushing him, he’s talking to him. Mayweather caught him with some good counters.


Mayweather snapped Berto’s head back with an uppercut. Mayweather had some fun with the crowd, yelling at them at one point and then shuckin’ and jivin’. He was baiting Berto and Berto couldn’t do anything about it.


That was the best action round of the fight. Mayweather was blasting Berto with shots. He hit him with an uppercut and some great hooks. Berto looked like he was on shaky legs, but was able to hold on and Bayless separated them. Floyd closed out strong, but didn’t put him down.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 117-111, 118-110, and 120-108.

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