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Premier X Live Coverage – Kratos Vs Cobb

Premier X

We’ll have live Premier X coverage. Follow along.

We’ve done interviews with both players in the main event; challenger and former champion Jeff Cobb and champion JR Kratos. We also talked to president and sometimes contributor to this website, John LaRocca.

We’ll have live, bell-to-bell coverage of the event.

Truex Vs The Hawaiian Lion

Nick Ruiz was supposed to face Lion, but he’s not here tonight, and Truex is his replacement.

Truex must not shower much. He even went to his trunks to grab himself before delivering a chop. Lion hit the running Rikishi spash in the corner, something he missed early on. 

Then he called out for a Brainbuster and finished him. 

Winner: The Hawaiian Lion

Dalton Frost Vs Tyler Bateman

Frost came out with a cowbell. He must be an illegitimate member of the Funk family.

Lots of power stuff from Frost. Bateman couldn’t move him. Frost hit the Oklahoma Stampede, but Bateman kicked out, hit some kicks and then knee barred him for the win. 

Winner: Tyler Bateman

Dylan Drake Vs Alexander Hammerstone

This is Hammerstone’s first match in Premier. Drake lost in his championship shot at the last Premier show.

It was rough early on, but turned into a nice little match. Hammerstone is impressive physically. Drake was working the leg and it looked like Hammerstone was going to have issues, but he withstood a Sharpshooter and hit his finisher which was a Torture Rack which he then dropped Drake’s face right onto his knee. 

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone

Julio Pedroza Vs Marcus Lewis

Pedroza looks like he could be a Briscoe brother tonight with his scraggly beard and hair.


This was the longest match so far. Lewis got the best crowd reaction being that San Jose is his hometown. Lewis growled during his comeback. He was trying to set up the 450 splash the entire match and Pedroza was trying to keep him grounded. After a moonsault, Lewis finally hit the 450 for the win. 

Winner: Marcus Lewis

Dom Vitalli Vs Gabriel Gallo

These guys are tag team partners and friends.

The story of the match was that Gallo didn’t want to hurt his friend but Vitalli wouldn’t die. He kept telling him to stay down. But Vitalli would have bits of a comeback before Gallo would get the upper hand again. 

Finally, Gallo picked up Vitalli like he couldn’t hurt him anymore and decided that he had to finish him and hit him with the powerbomb for the win. 

Winner: Gabriel Gallo

Timothy Thatcher Vs Joe Graves

This is their third meeting. Graves has a win and they both drew. Thatcher is the Evolve champion.


This was another grappling masterpiece. The reversals and transitions were all great. Graves was working for a rear naked, but couldn’t get it. Thatcher had some heel hooks in. Thatcher head butted Graves leading to the finish which was submission by neck crank. 

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

RAZE & Kikyo Nakamura Vs Nicole Savoy & Kahmora

This is the first tag team match in Premier history.

It was a fun match, but they lost their way in the end. RAZE and Nakamura were a good heel team with charisma. RAZE was much better here than when she was last in Premier. 

Savoy was getting beaten pillar to post and when she finally made the hot tag, Kahmora came in like a house on fire. She eventually was able to submit Nakamura with a guillotine. 

Winner: Nicole Savoy and Kahmora 

At the next Premier show on November 28, they’re doing a four woman tournament to crown the first Premier women’s champion. 

Jeff Cobb Vs JR Kratos

It’s the current champ verses the former champ.

Lots of grappling early on. Kratos, Cobb, and Thatcher trained with Josh Barnett recently. Kratos also trained at Santino Marella’s gym. They’re showing what they learned.

Well, until Kratos hit Cobb with a Randy Orton drop kick. Cobb then gave him one that was just as high. 

They chopped the hell out of each other. Kratos hit his choke slam powerbomb finisher for a two count. Cobb hit the Tour of Islands for a two count. Kratos fired up and hit his finisher again for the win. 

Winner: JR Kratos

That was the second best Premier title match I’ve seen. Only Oliver John and Cobb was better. 

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