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Video – All Access: Mayweather Vs Berto – Episode 1

Watch the first episode of All Access: Mayweather vs Berto.

I will say this: Showtime is definitely trying to make Andre Berto into a credible underdog. They showed a lot of new agey athlete stuff and he looked like a specimen of a boxer.

Also, there was a clear strategy by Floyd Mayweather to make himself, um, likable. Well, at least for most of this episode.

He talked about not talking trash any longer because he doesn’t have to. He spoke for his uncle Roger who was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame as a trainer because it looks like Roger’s issues with diabetes are overwhelming him.

He also talked about wanting to spend his retirement with his kids. This is a pure strategy to turn Floyd Mayweather from heel to babyface. Well, except for the part where he decided to hit the heavy bag with $10,000 in his hands.

This fight might not do well on PPV, but I think Showtime did a commendable job for the first episode.

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