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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Seven

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

I apologize that this is up so late, but you can blame DirecTV for not recording the first run for some reason. As long as DirecTV doesn’t mess it up again next week, we’ll be back on track.

GiGi says she’s surprised that Miz saved Amanda, but worries that he now won’t be able to save her. Amanda doesn’t care that Miz saved her because she’s not.

Tanner and Josh called out ZZ for his effort. ZZ told them to treat him like he’s not there.

They did a lot of running the ropes for cardio in the ring and ZZ either gassed out quickly, or they made it look like he gassed out early since they want him out.

They started doing hip tosses and putting their personality in them.

They were put into teams to do sequences in a match. Tanner was frustrated to be put with ZZ and ZZ did screw up, but figured it out later.

GiGi and Sara Lee were put together. Sara Lee dropped her close to her head and GiGi acted like she took a pile driver on top of her head.

Chelsea and Amanda were together and weren’t on the same page. Because of Chelsea’s actual wrestling training, she did some selling that they hadn’t learned yet and Amanda couldn’t figure it out.

Josh and Tanner looked good inside the ring together.

Josh was trying to teach Tanner how to spit game. He wanted him to practice on him, which was terribly awkward.

GiGi tried to tell Sara Lee about her bodyslam and Sara Lee took offense. Sara Lee said that it’s a team thing and not to only blame it on her.

Josh tried to give ZZ some props for getting serious in the gym. He said it has to be his life. Unfortunately for ZZ, I think it’s more about diet than anything else.

The Prime Time Players came to discuss teamwork. The contestants dressed up as firefighters to pull a fake body out of a fire. Billy Gunn made fun of ZZ, but ZZ was a volunteer firefighter and knew what he was doing. Josh led the second team.

The three remaining guys had a bro moment together and decided the best person should win.

On the other hand, the women can’t get along. Amanda thought Chelsea was acting out and Chelsea said it’s hard to stop selling once you learn how to do it. Amanda said, “Don’t be mad because I’m prettier than you.”

Miz says he’s put Amanda in the bottom three because he’s created a monster. He also wonders why Josh is helping ZZ.

ZZ says he’s lost eight pounds so far. Paige says teamwork is about coming down to someone’s level and helping them.

Daniel Bryan didn’t think the slam was dangerous, but Sara Lee should’ve apologized. He also says that GiGi overreacted and exaggerated.

Bryan put GiGi in the bottom three for overreacting. Paige put Sara Lee in the bottom three. Miz changes his mind and puts Chelsea in the bottom.

Sara Lee apologizes to GiGi and says she’s sloppy and she’s here to learn.

GiGi says she wants it more than anything she’s ever wanted. She says she knows she has what it takes.

Chelsea says she loves sports entertainment.

Paige saved ZZ which means Chelsea is going home because Sara Lee isn’t going home, ever.

GiGi would’ve lost if she didn’t get saved.

Final thoughts: I simply enjoy the show. I think it’s edited poorly and as an actual game show, it wasn’t well thought out. But I still dig it. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can get ZZ (and maybe Sara Lee) off the show.

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