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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Eight

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

John Cena has been heavily publicized for this show, which means the ratings should be up.

Chris Jericho was in the house to greet the remaining six contestants and he brought pizza. GiGi wonders why she’s not connecting but also thinks Sara Lee and ZZ should be gone. Jericho says it’s called the it factor.

He talked about story telling and asked them about some of their favorite matches. Jericho then challenged them to drink with them. It looks like Tanner took the challenge most seriously and possibly had a hangover.

The challenge is building a story in the ring. They’re paired off in the ring and are trying to tell a specific story in the ring, such as Tanner and GiGi are dating and Tanner cheated on her.

The NXT cast is watching the three matches. I didn’t see Enzo, sadly.

Josh and ZZ are first off and their story is that Josh is the big man and ZZ has to beat the big man. The NXT roster liked ZZ and chanted “truffle shuffle” at him. Josh beat him with two big body slams.

Booker T said Josh got the crowd engaged. Lita said ZZ did a good job.

Sara Lee and Amanda are telling the real story which is that Amanda thinks she’s hot stuff and Sara Lee is the underdog. Sara Lee beat her with a body slam after Amanda got cocky. Booker T didn’t like it that she was still smiling.

Booker T and Billy Gunn said Amanda did a good job. They reminded Sara Lee to stop smiling. Booker T said the smiling pisses him off because it’s not a game. Play time is over. He must not have watched Eva Marie work before.

Tanner and GiGi were last and the NXT folks booed them both. Jericho had to remind them that she’s the babyface. GiGi hip tossed him twice and fell over on the second one. Tanner went into the corner and then school boyed her for the win. He then went out of the ring and taunted the crowd.

Lita wanted them to use more body language. Booker T thought they did a good job with the showmanship.

All three coaches agreed that Josh won. Booker T said Sara Lee was the worst.

Amanda and GiGi discuss their mean tweets. Amanda is reveling in the negativity because she thinks that as long as they talk about her, it’s all good.

John Cena came out and said that the contestants themselves tell a great story because we get to see them from beginning to end. He then said he would face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. A whole lot of nothing for his appearance.

Miz says Tanner is very mechanical and he’s worried that he’s not going fast enough.

Sara Lee says that even though she’s popular, she’s terrified in the bottom three. ZZ says they can’t rely on America, but his heart goes down into his toes. Daniel Bryan told him he liked his facial expressions in the match.

Bryan also called out GiGi for not conveying the right character as she was supposed to be the babyface, but was booed.

The Miz called out Tanner and put him in the bottom three.

Paige put Sara Lee in the bottom three. Well, she’s not going home.

Bryan put GiGi in the bottom three.

Welp, unless GiGi gets saved, she’s going home.

GiGi didn’t really cut a babyface promo. I don’t think it’s going to help her.

Tanner said that he thinks he has a great personality and disagreed with Miz’s critique.

Sara Lee says she knows she’s improving and the WWE Universe has her back. She shouted out her crowd. She’s staying.

Bryan isn’t using his save. He’s the only one who has one left.

Just as I figured, GiGi is going home.

Final thoughts: This was the best episode yet. This show has grown on me and I look forward to it every week.

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