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It’s Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm At UFC 195

Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm headlines UFC 195.

Early Friday morning, Ronda Rousey went on Good Morning America to announce her next fight set for January 2nd at the MGM in Las Vegas. 

I think most figured it was going to be a third fight with Miesha Tate, but because of the GMA spot, some thought a mega-fight with Cyborg was going to be the announcement. 

But instead, it’s a fight with former boxer Holly Holm. 

Here’s what Ronda said about Holm:

January 2, I’m going to be fighting Holly Holm, who is actually the most decorated striker we have in all of mixed martial arts. Not the women’s division, not the bantamweight division, like 19-time boxing world champion Holly Holm, was the Ring Magazine pound-for-pound female fighter of the year and definitely my biggest challenge to date so I’m super-excited about it.

The fight is a new challenge for Rousey. Her striking is improving constantly and Holm is her biggest test on the feet. 

But Holm’s UFC career so far has been uninspiring. Holm is 2-0 against competition not close to Rousey’s class, but with decision wins. She’s looked skittish and not confident so far. And if she is going to have a chance against Rousey, that will have to change. 

Miesha Tate’s camp was surprised that she was passed over in favor of Holm. 

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