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Video – Countdown To UFC 190

You can watch the Countdown To UFC 190 in full.

The first part of the Countdown To UFC 190 is the best part because Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia do their best to create a real buzz for the fight, which is essentially their job. Bethe originally did something brilliant even before getting the fight by referencing Ronda’s Four Horsewomen stable after beating Jessamyn Duke. She also then beat Shayna Baszler. That made it personal with Ronda.

Ronda is holding strong on the line that Bethe disrespected her father by making a claim about suicide. Bethe says she didn’t know about Ronda’s dad’s suicide and apologized. But Ronda doesn’t believe her and is using that to fuel her fire. I’m going to make a comparison between Ronda and Michael Jordan, but bear with me.

MJ was constantly trying to find reasons to continue playing after achieving great success. He’d use small grudges and make them bigger in order to find the fire to continue competing at a high level. Ronda does this similarly.

You can watch the other parts of the countdown below featuring Shogun vs Lil Nog and Stefan Struve and Big Nog.

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