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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Two

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

If you missed the first episode, you can check out our recap elsewhere on the website.

Paige immediately cut down the group of contestants for not being interesting. The Hulkster disagreed saying that they were focused. I agree with Paige here.

Everyone wants Dianna to go home since they don’t think she has wrestling in her blood and just wants to be home with her fiance.

The coaches took them out to some swamp land with the possibility of alligators. They had to swim across the swamp to a boat, grab a NXT title and put it on, and swim back. Patrick admitted that he can’t swim, which is probably not good for this challenge. Alex thought he was drowning and needed help getting out of the water.

Dianna was on the high school swim team and destroyed everyone in the challenge. Mada also didn’t finish. Daria came back without a title belt. It must’ve ended up at the bottom of the swamp. Josh and Tanner had a little shoving incident after the competition.

Roman Reigns showed up at the Performance Center and some of the women got excited because of his handsomeness. He asked Bull Dempsey to do his sit-down splash off the top rope on someone to scare the crew.

The coaches are teaching the contestants how to take back bumps. They’re using the helmets. After bumping, the coaches offered them a challenge of having to take a back bump off a platform from the top rope. Gabi went first and took it on her butt mostly. Dianna couldn’t do it. Patrick seemed to be the best at it and Billy Gunn called him Barry Horowitz. Josh and Tanner did well too. Giorgia did the best for the women.

The women had quite the argument. It was Dianna and Gabi on one side and all the rest of the women on the other. Dianna asked ZZ to move rooms with her.

Patrick beat Tanner in an arm wrestling match. I guess Tanner doesn’t win everything.

We’re back live and Daniel Bryan asked for Alex and Patrick to stand up and move forward. He commended them for trying to do the swimming challenge while not being able to swim. But there was a different reason he asked them to come up. Earlier in the show, Alex and Patrick had an argument about whether or not knowing the history of WWE was worth anything in the competition. Alex didn’t think you needed to know about the WWE to be successful. Patrick said it is probably best to. Bryan agreed and said while you didn’t need to, it might be best to. Hogan disagreed and said you should know everything about the WWE.

Hogan asked ZZ to step up and said that everyone knows that the Rock eats the best pie around and asked him what kind of pie he liked and ZZ said sugar free. I’m not sure he understood the question. Bryan asks him what he expects to see in the women’s bedroom. He made some comment about pie again.

Hogan asked where Dianna was sleeping since she’s now in the guy’s room. Paige asked Sara Lee and Amanda to step forward. She called them out for blending in like furniture and not standing out. Hogan said Daria disrespected the business by leaving the title at the bottom of the swamp.

It’s time for the bottom three. Bryan said that Alex should be in the bottom for not learning about the WWE. Paige said that Sara Lee is lacking personality and she is in the bottom three. Hogan said that Dianna doesn’t get along with people and thus, she’s in the bottom three.

Sara Lee essentially blames the cameras for her non-showing. Chris Jericho says that Dianna should go home rather than Sara and also that he has courage, which is why he should stay on the show. Dianna says that she’s best for business. Neither of the judges want to use their save.

And the person who is going home is…

Final thoughts: The main problem so far is that there are very few people who are likeable. Outside of ZZ, I’m not sure there’s a likeable person. And the reason he’s likeable is partially because he’s so oblivious. They need to create some babyfaces badly.

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