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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Three

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

Patrick says that his biggest competition is Tanner and that’s who he wants to get out. Sara Lee says she has personality and just has to show it.

Dianna is sad because people want her to go home and she calls her fiance to pick her up so she can leave and plan her wedding. She bounces in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to anyone.

Gabi thinks she’s the biggest competition now and thinks she’s the next target.

Booker, Billy Gunn, and Lita introduce Seth Rollins and they’re going over character. They have to pick a card out of a hat and become that character.

Hogan, Bryan, and Paige diss Dianna live. Paige says she’s already forgotten her name. Hogan says that it’s, um, “Princess brother?”

Sara Lee goes first with her mean character. The folks weren’t convinced. Josh’s character looked a bit more natural. He was Bronson The British Brawler. Daria does a super goofy fallen angel character and it was the worst so far. Tanner’s wildman “stud muffin” was going fine until he tried to hop over the top rope and tripped. Gabby’s Farmer’s Daughter seemed a bit of a fish out of water with fishnet stockings. Patrick’s evil genius character was pretty entertaining. Amanda’s Barbie doll character was right up her alley and probably not much development. Mada’s Pharoah character was pretty good. Reminded me of the Almighty Sheik. Giorgia’s bossy character was right on the money. ZZ’s American Hero was ridiculous. Gunn didn’t think he took it seriously enough.

Patrick won for the men and Giorgia for the women. Billy Gunn says even though Dianna is gone, someone will still be eliminated.

ZZ is upset because he doesn’t think he’s understood. He thought his character took people away from reality for a second and he thought that was the point.

Gabi is trying to befriend Sara Lee. She thinks it will take some heat off her.

Patrick and Tanner get into a bit of a wrestling match inside the house. Patrick is completely throwing Tanner off his game.

Daniel Bryan called out Tanner for having a terrible fight inside the house. He calls out Sara Lee for not being mean. He asked her to be mean to ZZ, but Paige butted-in and moved on quickly. She called Gabi, Hooker T for her ring entrance. Hogan asked Amanda if she thought ZZ’s package was real.

Bryan put Daria in his bottom three for her ring entrance, which he thought was a mockery.

Paige put Sara Lee in the bottom three and says she’ll put her there every week until she steps it up.

Hogan put ZZ in the bottom three and said he sees some of himself in ZZ. Is he talking about his own package?

The bottom three were put back in their costumes and had to do quick ring entrances. Sara Lee basically did the same thing with a mean look on her face. ZZ was tremendously entertaining. Daria did a couple of hair whips and was over it.

They then cut promos. Daria says she brings legitimacy and will look like she can beat someone’s butt. Paige called her out and asked if she looks like she can beat her butt.

ZZ says he makes people to escape their reality and his character was what he wanted to show through a child’s eyes.

Sara Lee says she’s not going to give up.

Amanda says she thinks Sara Lee is going home. Mada agrees. Tanner says Daria. Gigi said Sara. Same as Patrick. Josh says Sara as well. They must not understand how likable she is.

Paige teases using the save on ZZ, but doesn’t.

And the person who is going home is… Daria.

Final thoughts: I thought the show was better this week. They love Patrick and are using him for soundbites. Tanner seems a little out of favor. And they need to keep ZZ and Sara Lee out of the bottom because they’re too likable to not be saved.

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