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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Six

Tough Enough recap

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

With Hulk Hogan off the show, the Miz replaced him. Paige took the center seat.

ZZ made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. One was for him and one was for Patrick. He’s broken hearted. ZZ is seemingly using Patrick’s elimination as inspiration to get in better shape.

Amanda thinks that Chelsea’s hair color is too close to hers. I guess there are shades of blond.

Cesaro, in a suit, joins the group for their challenge, which is in the woods. It’s all about focus. They have to climb platforms and remember a series of numbers which opens a safe. This is like a MTV’s The Challenge obstacle course. Sara Lee made it to the end, but couldn’t remember the number. Amanda missed the number too. Chelsea finished quickly, but missed the number. Giorgia remembered her number and opened the safe.

Mada couldn’t get the numbers right. ZZ didn’t get the number correctly either. Tanner figured it out and opened the safe. The Yeti guy also opened the safe.

Tanner finished first and won the challenge. ZZ didn’t finish last. Mada finished last. Chelsea finished more quickly than Giorgia, but couldn’t open the safe. At least her ankle looks like it’s in better shape.

Tanner and Chelsea are in the hot tub and Tanner still doesn’t have any game.

In the ring, they turned up the crowd noise so that they could focus on what they’re trying to do. Billy Gunn is feeding them spots through the crowd noise.

Lita said that Chelsea did the best out of the women and Josh (the Yeti guy) did the best, but only slightly.

Chelsea and Sara Lee were practicing and Amanda crashed the party wondering if they were talking trash. Amanda really needs to go.

GiGi called Facetimed home to her pops and started crying. He started crying too because he realized that she wasn’t going to come back.

Mada is frustrated with ZZ because of his lack of focus in the ring. ZZ is homesick.

Team BAD (Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Tamina) are in the ring live with the women. They’re going to slam them and splash them off the top rope. Let’s hope they sell it. Poor Tamina has to do all the splashes. Amanda smiled after getting splashed. Chelsea took a bad bump on the slam. GiGi laughed. Ugh.

Back live, Miz and Paige criticize ZZ for his diet and his lack of motivation.

Bryan puts Amanda in the bottom three. She needs to go home. Miz says she’s hot.

Miz put Mada in the bottom three for blaming ZZ for for losing it in the ring. That was weird.

Paige put ZZ in the bottom, as per usual. ZZ ain’t going home y’all.

Mada cuts a great promo to try and save himself.

In a surprise (well, probably a Vince call), the Miz saves Amanda.

This means that poor Mada is going home. And how awful is that?

Final thoughts: Well, that was a dumb finish to that show. The guy with the best chance to do something on this show was eliminated, but he’ll be signed to NXT at some point.

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