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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Four

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

After Dianna quit last week, they replaced her with a Lance Storm student, Chelsea, who is now blonde. No one really paid attention to her once Gabi and Amanda went after each other.

Gabi really has a problem with Amanda’s fake boobs.

It’s time to cut promos. Wade Barrett is in the ring and cut a promo on Booker T and Billy Gunn, also former Kings Of The Rings. I’m trying to remember a memorable Billy Gunn promo.

All the trainees had to cut promos on King Barrett. Mada looked like he was going to eat him.

The contestants head to an improv club and Chris Jericho is on stage, judging a promo battle. Mada and Josh are first. Mada wanted to eat Josh too. Josh decided to talk in a British accent.

Chelsea faced off against Giorgia and GG ate her up. Patrick also ate Tanner up. Sara Lee died a slow death. Jericho lit into her. He said she has to switch gears and stop playing nice girl. That was fun.

Amanda, Giorgia, ZZ, Mada, and Patrick were all the battle winners. Patrick got the most cheers out of all the winners. Patrick wins for the dudes and Giorgia for the girls. Mada and Josh were jealous because they thought Patrick pandered to the crowd and Josh tossed water in his face.

The women called out Gabi for talking the talk, but when she had her chance on stage, she faltered.

Tanner and Chelsea have a little thing for each other and Tanner slipped a kiss in. Daniel Bryan thought it was smooth and the Hulkster and Paige thought it was weak.

Billy Gunn and Booker T were teaching shoulder blocks and body slams. Sara Lee couldn’t trust anyone to slam her and kept going up wrong. Gunn scolded her and she said she was in her head too much and Gunn said she couldn’t be in her head because someone will get hurt. Booker said the top woman was the newbie, Chelsea and Gunn said Josh was the best of the dudes.

The rest of the women were trying to be there for Sara Lee in maybe the only real feel good moment of the season so far.

Back live, Paige lit into Sara Lee. Sara Lee said that she’s not a like the other women and she’s trying to be different. She tried to raise her level to Paige’s level. Hogan did give her props and told her to keep coming.

Hogan also said Mada should’ve won the promo battle. He said that he has beef with Patrick for not working with guys and trying to make them look bad. Hogan called him a smart-mark. Ha!

Paige puts Sara Lee in the bottom three. Bryan puts Gabi in the bottom three. Hogan put Tanner in the bottom three. No ZZ in the bottom three?

Instead of saving themselves, they’re supposed to cut a promo on the judge that put them in the bottom three. Gabi just did her normal save herself speech. Tanner tried to cut a promo on Hogan. It was okay. Sara Lee finally showed passion, but she still smiled all the way through.

Jericho asked Amanda who should go home and of course he said Gabi. Josh agrees. Chelsea said she was going to say Sara Lee, but she did a killer promo, so says Gabi. I think they got this one right.

Final thoughts: I don’t think anyone has been eliminated who has a chance to win this show, so it’s been so far, so good. I know that a lot of people dislike the show, but I find it to be different enough from normal WWE TV, with people who like I like including Jericho, Hogan, Bryan, and Paige, to be a halfway decent hour. Let’s put it this way – I’d rather watch this than most single hours of Raw.

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