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Tough Enough Recap – Episode Five

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

The Big Show, in full wrestling gear, is a guest on the live portion of the show.

In the house, it looks like Patrick is continuing to create enemies. Even ZZ had to give him some advice. Sara Lee says she’s gotten along better with Chelsea (the other non-bikini model) in the short time than with the other girls since the start of the season.

Their challenge this week is an obstacle course. There are some police officers joining them. Natalya is rooting them on.

Tanner whipped everyone and started calling out Patrick. Giorgia finished first for the girls. Mada, Sara Lee, Josh, and Patrick eventually finished. Amanda and Chelsea are struggling with the rope pull. Chelsea finally finished and hurt her ankle. ZZ wasn’t half way done with the course.

Chelsea has an ankle sprain, not a break, but she’s supposed to be off her feet for some time. But if anyone has ever sprained their ankle, it’s all about the swelling and how much pain you can take.

ZZ is feeling down because he’s not doing well in the physical competitions. Patrick cuts quite the promo on him and it’s quite mean spirited. He said it’s a kick in his balls if he loses to ZZ.

As part of their training, they get put in the ring and are graded on their entertainment and intensity. The loser has to do squats and say whatever the other person wants them to. Mada beat Patrick and Patrick had to say that he was bowing down to the king.

Mada won for the guys and Giorgia won for the women. This is starting to become a trend.

Back live, the Big Show decided to give the male contestants his patented overhand chop. He killed Josh and Patrick. Tanner took it well and smiled. Mada took it well. ZZ went to his knees.

Daniel Bryan puts ZZ in the bottom three for not getting in shape.

Paige puts Patrick in the bottom three for not understanding humility.

Hogan was going to put Patrick in the bottom three but Paige beat him to it so he puts Josh there.

Bryan seemed to want to be able to save Josh and Patrick, but didn’t.

Final thoughts: Patrick leaving at this point is a joke. ZZ has overstayed his welcome. Yet, I would’ve probably chosen Amanda to go home.

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