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WWE In San Jose

WWE In San Jose

What were the top stories last week?

It wasn’t a good week for Hulk Hogan or Hulkamaniacs. It sucks when the top story is about something so negative, but sometimes it beez that way.

Wanted to shout out a few things that we published this week.

– Alan updated us on where his Greatest Wrestling Project stands.

– Duan and I recorded our third Fabulous Four Podcast on Sugar Ray Leonard Vs Thomas Hearns. We’ll also get a page going on the website for the series. Next up is Marvin Hagler against Roberto Duran.

Let’s take a look at the stories that just missed the cut.

Pro Wrestling

– Quinn Russell Brown wrote a great piece on Bryan Alvarez and the F4W Empire.

– The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar segment from Raw on Monday was fantastic.

And what it inspired might be better.

– After being brought back, Bully Ray is gone yet again from TNA. TNA also announced Bound For Glory in October.

– TripleMania will be on US PPV.

– Global Force held its first Amped TV tapings.

Shinsuke Nakamura was hurt in the G1.

Paul Fontaine wrote up the ROH iPPV results and play by play in which the title match ended in a 60 minute draw.


Chris Leben was arrested this weekend.

– CM Punk talked to Ariel Helwani before UFC’s Chicago Fox show.


Sugar Shane’s baby boy failed a post-fight drug test after a victory.

Chris Mannix writes about why Kovalev and Stevenson hasn’t been made and why it doesn’t make sense.

– Cotto/Canelo is down to where the fight will be held.

And now, to the top five.

5. Sergey Kovalev makes quick work of Nadjib Mohammedi.

You can read a synopsis by Scott Chris. You can also read about Jean Pascal’s close decision victory over Yuniesky Gonzalez.

I saw a lot of scores for Gonzalez, but our own Duan said it was the right decision.

Check out Kovalev’s domination.

4. Triple G is headed for PPV.

They’re not going to wait for him to have a more high profile opponent, which means that they believe Triple G is a big name enough to headline his own show. I don’t know that this fight will do tremendous business, but it should good some good media coverage, being that it will be at Madison Square Garden.

If Floyd Mayweather doesn’t fight on PPV, then boxing fans will have the Triple G vs David Lemieux fight in September on PPV and then the November showdown between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez on PPV. I do wonder if the lack of Mayweather will mean bigger buys for both shows.

Kevin Iole has more.

3. The UFC severs ties with Stitch Duran.

This is one of the weirder stories you’ll see. Legendary cutman Stitch Duran was fired, supposedly because of a Q&A he did with Bloody Elbow.

In the Q&A, he simply talked about losing sponsorships thanks to the Reebok deal. He also said that working for Bellator wasn’t in the cards because it was an unwritten rule that you only work for one MMA promotion. So in the same article that he complained about a situation that affected his living, he still showed loyalty to the UFC. Well, Dana White didn’t care about the loyalty comment I guess.

The UFC looks terrible here, but it seems like it’s a simple scare tactic.

“We just fired the cutman that everyone knows. So you other cutman better keep your traps shut.”

White then took it to the playground and said that he and Duran were never friends and that Duran didn’t deserve a courtesy call from him.

2. T.J. Dillashaw dominates Renan Barao again.

The UFC held a UFC on Fox show which showcased the rematch between T.J. Dillashaw and Renan Barao. I think most thought Dillashaw was too crafty for Barao and that once he got tired, Dillashaw would take the fight to him, but it happened even before most figured. I personally was impressed and Dillashaw might be better than I thought he was.

It should set up a showdown with the oft-injured Dominick Cruz, which would be an entertaining fight in its own right.

In the semi-main, Miesha Tate beat Jessica Eye, dominating her with a big right hand. Eye wasn’t moving her head at all and wasn’t tucking her chin and Tate blasted her. Tate kind of took the third round off, knowing she was up 2-0 and used her wrestling to win the fight.

After the show, Dana White said that Tate would be the top contender to the winner of Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia.

1. Hulkamania is not running wild.

I’m sure everyone has heard about this by now (and we wrote about it on Friday) but Hulk Hogan is no longer affiliated with WWE because of racist comments he made several years ago.

WWE had to fire him. They had zero choice to do so. Not only are they a public company, with the comment being on record, I think if anyone made that comment, Vince McMahon included, they’d have been gone as well.

WWE historically hasn’t been kind to race and culture, but even in their own hypocrisy (Booker T and HHH feud based on race and Vince McMahon uttering the N word on TV are small examples) they had to do what they did.

It’s unfortunate for Hogan that all of this information was caught on record, but it’s his own doing. He has no one to blame but himself.

See you next week.

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