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Tough Enough Recap – Episode One

Tough Enough recap

It’s time for our Tough Enough recap.

The show is recorded in Full Sail, where they tape NXT television. Chris Jericho comes out to host the show and it does look live. Renee Young is with Jericho.

Daniel Bryan comes out, wearing his most plaid shirt. Paige comes out in all black, like you’d expect. She looks dashing. Hulk Hogan comes out to the biggest pop.

Bryan wants personality, hard work, and heart. Paige wants someone who stands out and goes against the grain. Hogan says the it factor is most important.

One contestant will be eliminated each week. The judges will nominate the bottom three and fans will vote who to keep. Each judge gets a save. Not that we’ll know everyone after week one, but you can find the cast on WWE’s TE website.

Now, onto the taped part of the show.

The thirteen finalists had to meet at the Citrus Bowl with their coaches to do some boot camp. Jericho showed up on the big screen to give them a pep talk. Booker T had them do parachute sprints and then Lita said they’d drag a sack of sand that is their own body weight as the final liner before running to the top of the bleachers.

ZZ aka Gator, the 18 year old kid finished dead last. Tanner, the MMA guy, came in first.

On the first night in the barracks, everyone went out except for ZZ and Patrick who stayed back. ZZ is only 18, so he couldn’t go out. Not sure why Patrick decided to stay in. They decided to hang out in the jacuzzi together.

By winning the first workout challenge, Tanner has a bull’s eye on his back. Mada says he already didn’t like him.

Billy Gunn woke up the the crew at 6AM to do pushups and running. I’m sure there were some squats in there too. Dianna hurt her groin, which caused her pushups to be terrible. That might be some foreshadowing.

Booker and Gunn are teaching them to run the ropes and to do body slams with a heavy bag. Dianna says she’ll try, but she thinks she’ll do the worst because she’s hurt. In their drill, the coaches asked how many times they could do the running the ropes drill and big Hank said he could do the most, but Tanner said he could do double. He just made the bull’s eye bigger.

The men’s average was eight and Tanner did sixteen. Booker said he didn’t think Tanner could do fifteen. But it seems that Dianna may have done more? They didn’t say so, except showed her score. I’m confused.

Dianna saw her future husband and said she wanted to go home. She was missing in action and came back and then said she wishes she could just plan her wedding. Gabi thinks she should go home because she doesn’t want to be there.

We’re back live and Renee reminds us of the rules. A male and female will be declared winners. So we’ll have two by the end of ten weeks.

Hogan asks Dianna if she’s the next diva or is she a trophy crybaby wife. She says she’s the next WWE diva and she wants to give it her all.

Bryan noticed her fiance was already wearing his ring. She said it was out of respect.

Paige asks Hank about his comment of comparing ZZ’s lack of fitness to the women’s lack of fitness. He sidestepped her question and made it about ZZ’s heart.

Bryan asked Daria about taking risks and she said her biggest risk is the story of her life; being a MMA fighter and WWE wrestler being two next steps of that.

It’s time to pick the bottom three.

Hogan picks ZZ.

Bryan picks Hank.

Paige picks Josh. That was a weird one.

It’s not a smart process to do eliminations after the first show. No one has seen anyone nearly enough.

Josh says he should stay because he’s best for business and he has a great personality.

ZZ says he belongs there and says he has a Cajun flavor that he can bring to the WWE. He was born to be here and make an influence on people’s lives.

Hank says he’s the average Joe of the group and represents the dream of America. He’s always the hammer and never the nail.

There was about five minutes of live app, Twitter, and text voting.

And the person who goes home is Hank.

The process was pretty unfair being that the way they shot the show made it seem like there were only a few people worth watching. They should’ve saved the elimination for week three so that we could see everyone for a few episodes.

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