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Throne Boxing – Andre Ward Vs Paul Smith Live Coverage

Andre Ward vs Paul Smith live
It’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen Andre Ward in the ring.

If you haven’t seen the result yet, Shaun Porter beat Adrien Broner by unanimous decision.

The early story of this fight is that Paul Smith was way over their catchweight agreement and their second agreement for what he weighed in this morning. Smith weighed in at nearly 185 pounds this morning and lost about 25% of his show money.

Steph Curry is backstage with Ward and MTV’s Sway is doing the backstage interviews for BET/Tidal.

Colin Kaepernick is in the audience as is Miguel Cotto, who is another Roc Sports Nation fighter along with Ward.

Michael Buffer is doing the ring announcing. Steph Curry is leading Ward’s walkout holding one of his belts.

Andre Ward Vs Paul Smith live coverage

Round One

Smith kept his gloves right around his temples as if he was daring Ward to go to the body. Ward landed some stiff jabs and then followed it up with jabs to the body. He threw some flailing shots to the side of Smith’s body, but were there mostly to annoy him.

Round Two

Smith isn’t doing much. Ward landed a nice uppercut early. He’s continuing with the jab and landed a nice double jab straight right combo. Easy work for Ward through two.

Round Three

I’m unsure of Smith’s strategy unless it’s simply to be a punching bag. Ward threw a right to the body and then a double left hook. He’s continuing to blister Smith with the jab. I don’t know that Smith is hurt at all, but his face is getting red from the jab.

Round Four

Very similar round for Ward, but I actually saw Smith land two shots; one was a short left as Ward was trying to get away from the ropes and another was a nice jab. It was still Ward’s round fairly easily.

Round Five

We’re at the point where you have to wonder if Ward chooses to fight a little sloppy simply to open things up and get Smith to fight. They butted heads at the end of the round.

Round Six

That butt must’ve made Ward mad. He actually faked a bolo punch a few times. Same as it’s been since this fight started; domination and more like a sparring session at this point. Ward isn’t getting touched.

Round Seven

Smith landed a great right hand that seemed to shock Ward. Ward smiled after ducking the next two big shots. Smith had another nice flurry at the end, but otherwise, this was Ward blasting him with his right hand.

Round Eight

A cut opened up over Smith’s left eye. What’s interesting to me is that with as much force as Ward looks to be hitting him with his right hand, Smith hasn’t really buckled. He’s been moved backward, but Ward hasn’t hit him with that flush, undefended shot yet. Smith is definitely protecting against that big shot, though being peppered constantly.

Round Nine

They might have to stop the fight eventually. Ward blasted Smith a few times and Smith went backward to acknowledge being hit well. Ward sensed it, followed up, and continued blasting him. He hit Smith once and you could see the grimace on his face. The blood was flowing and it was finally stopped.

Steph Curry approves.

Winner: Andre Ward by way of 9th round TKO

Looks like Smith’s corner threw the towel in to end it.

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