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The Raw Rerun – Roman Reigns Runs The Gauntlet

Roman Reigns runs the gauntlet

Via WWE.com

Roman Reigns runs the gauntlet
Via WWE.com
It was Roman Reigns’ night.

Dean Ambrose was off Raw just until the end of it, which meant it was the Roman Reigns show.

As we proceed, to give you what you need…

Roman Reigns runs the gauntlet.

Last night, Roman Reigns didn’t have a match, but showed up to help Dean Ambrose stave off the Authority after winning his match by disqualification at Elimination Chamber and stealing the title. On Raw, it was Reigns’ turn to be all over the show and Ambrose’s roll to be the person who comes in at the end.

I thought it was weird because you’d think that since Ambrose won the match and stole the belt, he’d be the one who was center of attention on Raw, but if you thought like I did, you’d be wrong. Instead, they saved him for last. It was interesting, but it sure as heck made it seem as if Ambrose’s program with the Authority is simply there to rub some of Ambrose’s coolness onto Reigns. And if that’s the case, I’m fine with that too. But it feels a bit manipulative.

The Authority came out to open the show and they were angry. Stephanie tried to portray Ambrose as the anti-hero, much like her dad did with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Triple H called him out angrily, but he never came out. Instead, Reigns came out like Ambrose’s hype-man, giving the Authority a list of things that Ambrose wanted, such as a rematch and a ladder match during said rematch. And then he manipulated Seth Rollins into saying yes even though the Authority didn’t want him to.

What was Reigns’ punishment? The Authority was going to put him through the paces in order to stay in the Money In The Bank match, in which he was announced as a competitor last night. He first had to get through King Barrett. Ha! After how they treated Barrett, it’s no surprise that he was first in line. They had a competitive match and Reigns won. He then had to face Mark Henry and he beat Henry by countout. In the main event, he had to get through Bray Wyatt, which he did after Wyatt was pushed into Kane and then speared.

All in all, Reigns probably worked close to 40 minutes in ring time. After the match, Rollins, Kane, and J&J surrounded the ring, but Ambrose came in for the save. Rollins dove at him to get his belt back, but he jumped over him and Rollins spilled over the ring announcer’s table. Inside the ring, Ambrose gave Rollins the belt and then kicked him and hit the Dirty Deeds and the belt spilled out of Rollins hands. Reigns gave everyone else a Superman punch. It was a fun way to end the show.

John Cena gives Kevin Owens a piece of his mind.

Kevin Owens came out and talked about how his son was a big John Cena fan. He said that his son was marketed to very well by the WWE machine and that’s why he’s such a big Cena fan. This pissed Cena off.

Cena came out and said that he was about to come out and congratulate Owens and hand over the US title, but he’s not going to do it now. He said that if it was all about the marketing, Owens’ son would be wearing an Adam Rose shirt, love the Funkasaurus and want to play in the XFL. He tried to say that “Fight Owens Fight” isn’t Owens’ real creed. It’s really, “Never give up.” He said he was going to kick Owens’ ass in two weeks.

They squared off, but Owens took a powder. He’s going to have his own open challenge on Smackdown. I wonder what Samoa Joe is doing tomorrow?

And the rest…

– Nikki Bella was told she’s the longest reigning champion on the roster right now. Paige came out and said she never got her one on one title match. Nikki accepted her challenge and then beat her after Brie came out from under the ring to do more twin magic. The twin magic stuff was more believable before Nikki’s breast implants and hair color change.

– Ryback came out and was supposed to face the Miz. A returning Big Show knocked out Miz and then told Ryback that if someone was being Ryback, it was him. Um, yay?

– Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston. Big E and Xavier Woods jumped Ziggler and the Prime Time Players came out to even the score. They had an impromptu six-man and Titus O’Neil pinned Woods.

– Randy Orton beat Sheamus by DQ. On a show with several long matches, I think the crowd was a bit bored with this one. It would’ve worked much better on a PPV. Sheamus Brogue Kicked him outside the ring and left him laying.

– Rusev did an interview on crutches and looked like a sad and depressed man but said he’ll get everything back.

– Neville beat Bo Dallas again.

Final thoughts

I’m not sure if more of Reigns is going to work. I think they should utilize Ambrose to help get Reigns over like they’re doing, but the role should’ve probably been flipped here. Ambrose should’ve been on the show more and Reigns less. Though, I’ve always loved Reigns’ work, so I was fine seeing him on the show as much as he was. I just know the current audience can time of him.

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