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Video – Canelo Alvarez Knocks James Kirkland The Hell Out

This was a beating.

Duan was just about right on the money with his prediction from Friday night. He just missed the round by one.

He said:

The 31-year-old southpaw (Kirkland) will try making it a war, but I see him being caught off guard by Canelo’s physicality and then being taken apart by his superior punch picking. Álvarez keeps the ball rolling here and moves on to a mega fight with Miguel Cotto later in the year.

James Kirkland fights awkwardly normally, but he was extra awkward and off-balanced on Saturday night. It looked to catch Canelo Alvarez off-guard for about a minute, but he soon solved the easy-to-solve puzzle.

Kirkland took an absolute beating and I worried whether his bearings were all there after the knockout. In his post-fight interview, I don’t think he understood Max Kellerman’s questions all that clearly.

The clamor is for Miguel Cotto next, but the Triple G hype will start soon thereafter.

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