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Throwback Thursday Video – Jerry Lawler And Andy Kaufman On David Letterman

With David Letterman retiring this week, we had to throwback to the infamous night when he let a wrestling angle play out on his show.

In late July of 1982, David Letterman had Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler on his show to further their wrestling angle. In April of that year, Lawler and Kaufman wrestled and Lawler hit a sweet piledriver to cause a disqualification. He then picked up Kaufman and did another one.

The story was that Kaufman was in the hospital for a few days (and he really was even though this wasn’t a shoot) and had to wear a neck brace.

Credit to all involved for this classic Letterman segment. Letterman could’ve completely eye rolled the segment and while I’m not sure he was happy with the way it ended, he didn’t poo poo it when it was over.

It definitely seems like Kaufman and Lawler went into a bit of business for themselves with the slap and Kaufman going crazy, but even at that point, Letterman was able to make a joke to wrap it all up as fun with the line about throwing coffee.

All in all, it’s not only a classic Letterman segment, but a classic wrestling one as well.

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