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The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team Vs Blackzilians – Hayder Hassan Vs Andrews Nakahara

American Top Team vs Blackzilians

It’s episode five of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team Vs Blackzilians.

ATT’s montra right now is that they lost four fights in a row, but because they were early fights, they were only worth 25 points and the next fights are now worth 50 points.

ATT is having Hayder Hassan represent them.

The Blackzilians are choosing Andrews Nakahara.

Jason Jackson and Hayder fought prior and Hader won. He asked Jackson if he was spreading rumors about being a dirty fighter. Jackson said he pulled his hair in the fight.

Dana calls out Michael Graves for bringing ATT down and says if you can’t be mentally strong enough for this competition, how could you possibly be strong enough for the UFC?

Hayder Hassan Vs Andrews Nakahara

This wasn’t even close. The fight had fast pace very early on as both guys came out to strike. But one guy was just more fierce than the other. Hassan withstood a few body kicks to back Nakahara up against the cage and just threw some wild haymakers and Nakahara was on the ground and not defending himself and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Hayder Hassan by way of 1st round TKO

Glenn Robinson tried to throw some shade on Hassan’s performance saying that Nakahara would’ve won that fight 9 times out of 10.

Nakahara said it’s the first time he’s ever been knocked out.

The fights now go to the ATT gym.

Final thoughts: More than any other episode, this one was simply about the fight build up and really, neither fighter was all that interesting. So there was a lot of fluff, but at least there was an exciting one-round fight that finally ended in knockout.

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