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The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team Vs Blackzilians – Carrington Banks Vs Sabah Homasi

American Top Team vs Blackzilians

American Top Team vs Blackzilians

It’s episode four of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team Vs Blackzilians.

After losing the third fight in a row, Steve Carl said he wasn’t in there and wasn’t himself. Dan Lambert said Carl was the last guy he think he’d hear that from.

ATT chooses “Creepy” Steve Montgomery to break the losing streak. He has a dirty mullet and ATT buzzed into his haircut on the side of his head. The Blackzilians pick Carrington Banks.

In one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen, “Creepy” has a seizure and the guys are trying to open his mouth so that he doesn’t bite down on his tongue. The fire truck came and took him away. Lambert says it was because he was water loading, probably to help with his weight cut.

To take Montgomery’s place, Lambert chose Sabah Homasi. He’s a stripper outside of the cage. Dana White says Banks hasn’t fought in 18 months and Sabah is a last minute replacement and it’s a coin flip fight.

Montgomery came back into the house and said that he had a seizure because of an incorrect weight cut. He drained all the sodium in his body and didn’t add any electrolytes. He had to leave the house. Dana says they would give him a shot in the UFC.

Carrington Banks Vs Sabah Homasi

Banks lands the first shot with a big overhand right. He then shoots for a takedown and pushes Homasi up against the cage. Homasi won’t go down easily and Banks drops a knee into his hamstring. But he still can’t get Homasi all the way down. Homasi lands a left hand off Banks’ shot and then a two-punch combination. Banks goes back to his wrestling and finally gets Homasi down, but can’t keep him down. Homasi lands a knee. Banks is doing his best Rashad Evans impersonation, but keeps getting tagged whenever he gets close. Banks shoots again and eats a knee in the process.

Long takedown attempt by Banks. He finally got to Homasi’s back, but slipped off. Homasi missed a kick and hit the deck. Banks tried for a kick, slipped, and then went down. Homasi caught him in a front facelock, but it didn’t last long. Homasi was getting the better of the striking to end the round.

Two minutes in and Banks doesn’t try one shot. Lots of jabbing and both guys only throwing one punch at a time. Homasi landed an overhand right. He’s hooking over Banks’ jab. He landed a head kick over it too. Banks went back to his wrestling with just over 2:15 left in the round. He got Homasi down, but like has been the case, couldn’t keep him down to do anything with him. I may have given Homasi the first two rounds anyway, but this has to be his fight after the third.

Winner: Carrington Banks

It was a close fight, but I thought Homasi had him close in each round.

The Blackzilians are now up 100-0. Dana said it was another fight where no one wanted it. The next round is worth fifty points. ATT can get right back in this thing with two wins.

Final thoughts: After a slow first couple of episodes, I think the show has picked up. I’m starting to enjoy this season a lot.

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