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The Raw Rerun – Daniel Bryan Is Out Again

Daniel Bryan is out

Via WWE.com

Daniel Bryan is out
Via WWE.com
With ratings at near lows, WWE tried to pull out some stops on Raw.

But, because of the Daniel Bryan situation, WWE had to make some changes which I’m not all that sure they were ready to make.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan…

Daniel Bryan is out and forfeits his Intercontinental Championship.

Bryan came out in a segment reminiscent of when he had to drop his WWE World Heavyweight championship last year. He told the crowd that he had to drop the IC belt as he had an MRI and they didn’t know how long he’d be out. If that’s a shoot, that’s scary.

He put over guys like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose (uh, spoiler anyone?) who should be fighting over the IC strap. The fans chanted thank you at him and he said, no, and thanked them instead.

The Elimination Chamber is a WWE Network special on May 31.

The announcers quickly dropped this little nugget, but in a surprise, the Elimination Chamber show, which is not a PPV, but only a Network special, will be at the end of the month. With PPV not being a focal point any longer, doing events like this actually strengthens the reason to subscribe to the network. In the old PPV model, without a hook, the buy rate may have been dreadful.

Now, what will be the main event? Will they let the IC strap be decided in the chamber? Or are they giving away that their Payback Fatal Fourway main event will end up with a non-finish or screwy finish?

I hope it’s the former and not the latter. I’d love to see Barrett, Neville, Ambrose, Sheamus, and the likes get to main event the show in the chamber.

Dean Ambrose stands tall.

Raw was in Ambrose’s home town so he was cheered the loudest and when Raw was over, WWE allowed him to be the last of the Fatal Four-men standing. But it took a while to get there.

Triple H was back (though not Stephanie) and he opened the show and asked for Kane and Seth Rollins to come out. They argued back and forth and Triple H said that if Rollins didn’t come out of Payback with the strap, Kane should be fired. Kane said it might be worth it. Triple H called his bluff and told him maybe he could step away from his role, but he didn’t. Instead, Triple H put all the Fatal Fourway contestants in matches.

Roman Reigns would face Kane. Seth Rollins would face Randy Orton. And because Jamie Noble tried to talk up to Triple H, J&J would have to face Ambrose and that match was first on the itinerary.

Ambrose pinned Noble with the Dirty Deeds.

Reigns and Kane didn’t even get started and everything was outside of the ring. Reigns was the one standing at the end, but it was merely a setup for Smackdown where they will have a rematch and there must be a winner.

In the main event, Orton beat Rollins by disqualification when the munchkins, I mean J&J interfered. It was all a setup for chaos like many go-home shows. As J&J and Rollins were beating up Orton, Kane came down and did nothing. He just watched.

Ambrose and Reigns joined in on the fun. They each gave Rollins their finisher and Kane continued to watch. Orton hit the RKO on Rollins and Kane still watched. But then, the good guys turned on each other too. Reigns speared Orton and then Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds on Reigns to end the show.

And the rest…

– King Barrett beat Dolph Ziggler after Ziggler was distracted by Sheamus who was ringside. Sheamus then put the boots to him after the match. Barrett will face Neville at Payback this weekend.

– Erick Harper beat Fandango in seconds. He’s back with Luke Harper.

– John Cena beat Neville by disqualification. It was a really solid match. Cena took both the Phoenix Splash for a nearfall and the Red Arrow, which caused Rusev to interfere and save his US title match at Payback.

– Tamina Snuka beat Brie Bella.

– Damien Sandow as Macho Mandow and Curtis Axel as AxelMania faced each other and went to a no contest. The Ascension came out only to be laid to waste by the rip-off version of the Mega Powers. They even did the Mega Powers handshake at the end.

They’ll face-off against each other on the pre-show.

– Cesaro beat Big E in an impressive match. He nearly tossed Big E on his head at one point. I love this feud.

– Bray Wyatt cut a promo on Ryback who came out and took him out. Let’s just get to the match to see if Wyatt can carry him to a good match.

Final thoughts

The show was a step up from the usual fare much like last week was. It was really tough to see Bryan have to give up his title yet again. But maybe he’s right. Maybe it will allow someone else to get over big. But maybe not, just based on how they usually book the Intercontinental title with non-upper carders.

They’re going to have to do more if they want to jump start that rating again though.