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The Fabulous Four Podcast – Leonard Vs Duran II: No Mas

Leonard vs Duran II: No Mas
Duan and GG host the second Fabulous Four podcast which focuses on Leonard vs Duran II: No Mas.

If you missed the first episode of the Fabulous Four Podcast, you should take a listen before listening to episode two. Duan and I set the tone for what we’d like to do with our series and we give thorough bios on Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran.

In our second podcast, we look at the rematch.

We discuss the aftermath of the first fight and signing of the rematch, which happened very quickly. We talk about the build up, which fallout happens, and what both camps were worried about going into the second fight.

We take a look at the bout itself and if you want to read our round-by-round scoring and thoughts, we’ve put that up as well.

We give our theories on why Duran quit and also look at the legacy of the fight.

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